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Style: Black
Year of birth: 1998
Country: Brazil
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Biography of Band

Officially the band was formed by Vates and Magnanimus in January of 1998. Less than a month later they invited Athee.

So they started rehearsing and embelishing the melodic phrases with drums, harmony,etc...turning it into music.Their songs texts were in Portuguese language. Their style is not realy black, they call it as "PanAeonic Sinister Metal". In one interview Magnanimus said: "Our music is a radical expression of "Panaeonism". In a single rite we combine the summoning of native deities of nature(Brazil ) with the influence of Gaia(Greek, 50 e.v.) and the chanelling of the forces of the Zaz aethyr(European, XVI, XVII & XX centuries). It is sinister because even though I value the transcendence of all and every value and am philosophically and intelectually aligned with nihilism, my ethos and practices are clearly grouped into the LHP. Absolute descent into matter, Excess, Egolatry, Isolation, Dissolution into Itself, Autopoiesis, Xeper, Immortality. The self as the beginning and end of all workings is my chosen meme of work. Despite the lack of any intrinsic value, sense or reason, the creation, strengthening and perpetuation of the self(or some self?) is an intrinsic part of whatever constitutes me".

Then the band`s line up was changed several times. So, nowadays Rex Infernus line up is: Magnanimus(Clean Voices, Keyboards, Sound FX) , Vates(Guitar, Bass, Screams, Programming) and Angelo (Drums).

In January of 1999 they released cassete "Loadohi A Micaloz" with three songs, but in December of 2002 they released CD "Noan". Every composition, playing , recording, mixing and artwork were done by Magnanimus and Vates, except the drums in the last track of the 1999 release, by Carnifex.

They were flattered by the proposals, they respect the work of some labels, but they decided to remain independent. To record as many stuff as they want, the way they want, when and if they want, with whatever art they choose, with whatever attitude they happen to have. Any influence from outside the band wasn`t , is not and will not be tolerated. Rex InfernuS exists solely to produce the art its members wanna materialized.

Members of Rex Infernus

Current Members:
Magnanimus (Founder). In Band at: 1998 - . Role: Clean Vocals, Keyboards, Sound FX
Vates (Founder). In Band at: 1998 - . Role: Guitar, Bass, Screams, Programming
Angelo (Guest). Role: Drums
Past Members:
Athee (Guest). In Band at: 1998 - . Role: Drums
Carnifex (Guest). Role: Drums
Trumall (Guest). Role: Drums
Demitri (Guest). Role: Bass
Xicyria (Guest). Role: Guitars
Cristiano Motoboy (Guest). Role: Drums
Leo (Guest). Role: Bass


MVC: Loadohi a Micaolz (1999) Tracklist.
CD: Noan (2002) Tracklist.

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