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Стиль: Black Metal
Год образования: 2000
Страна: Switzerland
Просмотров: 6063. Обновление: 27 March, 2005 by Project Moderators

Биография группы

Unholy Matrimony is a musical entity lead by only one man, Vladimir, and performing so-called Black Metal in one of its most extreme form. As in his numerous other musical project [Weeping Birth, Accurst Journey, Mirrorthrone, Deafening Loneliness], he compose everything and perform every instrument [vocals, guitars, bass] and program the drums and synthesizers.

It all started in November 2000; no matter how, no matter with who. He composed four songs until January 2001 [Following the Black Star of Thoughts, The Feeling of not Belonging, War, Vomiting Bitter Tears of Disgust], moment when the project fell into oblivion. This lasted for more than one year: it is only in March 2002 that he decided to carry on with Unholy Matrimony. He composed four new tracks [A Prelude to Love and Death, La Fatalité de l`Amour Véritable, Memory Must Remain, Selbstmord] and recorded "Love & Death" by himself, in his bedroom, in March 2002. The tracklist was containing the four songs composed in 2000, the four ones composed in 2002, and two old instrumental symphonic creations whose concept were dealing with "Love & Death". Around November 2002, Unholy Matrimony signed a record deal with the French label Melancholia records, which started distributing "Love & Death" worldwide.

The new Unholy Matrimony album is entitled "Misologie" and has been released on Melancholia Records in September 2003. It was entirely composed and recorded in one month, in December 2002. Again, he took care of the recording which took place in his bedroom and on his own little material. The new tracks are faster, more intense and more compact than the ones you can find on the previous release.

Участники группы Unholy Matrimony

Текущий состав:
Vladimir Cochet (Основатель). В группе с: 2000 - . Роль в группе: Guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, programming
Сторонние проекты: Accurst Journey, Deafening Loneliness, Mirrorthrone, Weeping Birth


CD: Love & Death (2002) Трэклист.
CD: Misologie (2003) Трэклист.

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