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Style: Black Metal
Year of birth: 1991
Country: Sweden
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Biography of Band

Unpure formed in November of 1991 in Nynäshamn (Swe) by Hrasvelg and Kolgrim.
Line-up 1: Hrasvelg: Drums, vocals; Kolgrim: Bass, vocals; Aberg: Guitars; Vic: Guitars.

The idea for the band actually came about a year before the band was born, when Kolgrim, Hrasvelg and Aberg were jamming a few couple of times.

1st live-appearance: May 28th of 1992 (local album trial)
1st album-appearance: Nynäs rocks (local band comp. CD / released June 10th 93)
1st release: Demo 1 -92 (released: Feb. 12th 93)

After a gig, the 12th of February, the two guitarists left the band, and a close friend of the band replaced them immediately. Line-up 2: Hrasvelg: Drums, vocals; Kolgrim: Bass, vocals; Surth: Guitars (later in Svartsyn). This line-up only lasted a few months, and Kolgrim and Hrasvelg continued on their own for a while. In Late January 94 a new guitarist entered the band. Line-up 3: Hrasvelg: Drums, vocals; Kolgrim: Bass, vocals; Poock: Guitars.

In November of 1994 Unpure signs Napalm Records for 2 albums. And Poock gets sacked.

1st album: Unpure (April 95)

In September, same year, Unpure sessions two guitarists (one of them being Vic from the original line-up) from the band Celestial Pain (Swe) and started to rehearse material for a second album.
Line-up 4: Hrasvelg: Drums, vocals; Kolgrim: Bass, vocals; Vic: Guitars (original guitarist, later in Bonegrinder); John Blackwar: Guitars.

2nd album: Coldland (Oct 96)

After that Kolgrim and Hrasvelg was back on their own again.

In late January of 1997, Unpure started rehearsing with a session drummer (another close friend who had jammed a lot with the guys through the years), for a European tour that unfortunately never went off.

Line-up 5: Hrasvelg: Guitars, vocals; Kolgrim: Bass, vocals; Jonathon: Drums. However, Unpure decided to rehearse some new songs with this line-up, and they hit the studio again and recorded a 5-track promo at the end of the same year (some of these tracks were to be used later for various comp. CD`s).

Summer of 2000: Unpure signs with Drakkar Productions for 2 albums. And Jonathon had now grown into a fulltime member.

3rd album: Trinity in Black (CD: Aug 01)

In May 2002, Unpure took on a session member, Stormbringer from fellow band Imperious, as a rhythm guitarist for their upcoming gigs.

April 2003: Unpure started to record their 4th album "World Collapse". The recordings were finished later that month, but the studio wouldn't let Unpure mix the album until Drakkar had paid the rest of the studio fees.

October: Stormbringer was released from his session-duty. After a year of playing together Unpure felt they worked better as a trio.

March 2004: Almost a year after the recordings of "World Collapse" Drakkar finally paid the remaining studio costs and Unpure could finally finish the mixing of the album.

April: Unpure decided to leave Drakkar Productions and find another record label to release the new album.

June: The departure from Drakkar was now official and all the paperwork was done. Unpure signs with polish label Agonia Records.

4th album: World Collapse (CD: September 3rd 2004)

Members of Unpure

Current Members:
Kolgrim (Founder). In Band at: 1991 - . Role: Bass, vocals
Side projects: Illska, Svartsyn
Hrasvelg (Founder). In Band at: 1991 - . Role: Drums, vocals, guitars
Side projects: Illska
Jonathon (Guest). In Band at: 2000 - . Role: Drums
Past Members:
Aberg (Founder). Period: 1991 - 1993. Role: Guitars
Vic (Founder). Period: 1991 - 1993. Role: Guitars
Side projects: Bonegrinder
Surth (Guest). Period: 1993 - 1993. Role: Guitars
Side projects: Svartsyn
Poock (Guest). Period: 1994 - 1994. Role: Guitars


Demo: Demo 1 (1992) Tracklist.
Demo: Demo 2 (1993) Tracklist.
Demo: Demo 3 (1994) Tracklist.
CD: Unpure (1995) Tracklist.
Split: Headbangers against disco vol. 2 (1997) Tracklist.
Comment: 7 inch EP; 1st song by Usurper (US), 2 - by Unpure, 3 - by Nifelheim (Swe)
CD: Coldland (1997) Tracklist.
Demo: Promo tape 1998 (1998) Tracklist.
Split: Sabbatical Splitombstone (2000) Tracklist.
Comment: Limited to 666 copies. First 111 copies on red vinyl and the rest 555 copies on clear/black splatter vinyl. 1st song by Sabbat (Jpn), 2,3 - by Unpure
CD: Trinity In Black (2001) Tracklist.
CD: World Collapse (2004) Tracklist.

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