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Style: Black / Death Metal
Year of birth: 1999
Country: Italy
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Biography of Band

Urshurark started in May `99 in Bari, a town in the southern Italy. The band`s purpose is to create a fusion between thrash, black and death metal, in a formula that mixes aggressive moments with an obscure and decadent basis.
The debut album, "Architecture Of Perfect Damnation",represents this fusion between different styles and apocalyptic visions, the band moves in territories that draw from norvegian black metal and scandinavian death metal.
Fused in an unique and letal formula that Urshurark define as "Horror Apocalyptic Metal", the sound of band destroy everything and doesn`t take prisoners.
The band was born for the will of Luca, singer and principal composer, than he will be helped by Claudio on keyboard.
After some changes of line-up, in March 2000 come into the band Mark and Freddy that complete the formation of debut album.
In 2002, Urshurark sign a contract with Butchery Music Co. to release their first full lenght album "Architecture Of Perfect Damnation" on CD format. This album receive killing reviews in some magazines and webzines: Metal Mayhem (United Kingdom)10/10, Stargazer Magazine (Italy) 10/10, S.O.D. (U.S.) 9/10 ...
"Architecture Of Perfect Damnation" stands "Album for 2002" in UK`s magazine Metal Mayhem.
Luca stands voice for 2002 in the NeroOpacoMetalAwards (Italy). In the same year the band has participated in two compilations: Necromance Vol. 11 (Spain) and "Blood To Piece" by Fear Some Records (Netherlands).
From 2003, the band have new Line-Up: Luca Loreto (Vocals), Claudio Loreto (Keyboards), Mark Tramacere (Guitar), Stephan Olsen (Guitars) and Markus Nin (Drums).

Members of Urshurark

Current Members:
Luca Loreto. Role: Vocals
Claudio Loreto. Role: Keyboards
Mark Tramacere. Role: Guitars
Stephan Olsen. Role: Guitars
Markus Nin. Role: Drums


CD: Architecture of Perfect Damnation (2002) Tracklist.
CD: Pandemonium Theory (2004) Tracklist.

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