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Biography of Band

Founded, and currently based in Ontario, Canada Volkurah was initially conceived during the spring of 2001. The concept
was to create a form of minimal black metal with the intent on creating an atmosphere within the music. At first guitar
riffs were toyed, but the actual recordings took place in October of that year. Writing and recoding continued into the
spring of 2002, which saw the self-released CD-R demo, "The Pagan Ritual". This was made at 30 copies and mostly given out
to contacts at the time, as well as sold by two distributions, one in the USA, the other in Sweden. The demo contained
five songs with an Introduction as well as an Outro. The latter displayed a more ambient side of Volkurah. The response
was surprisingly positive which led to a signing for an official CD release by Autistiartili Records, Quйbec. This was
released to 500 numbered copies with new artwork. This was sold out in just under a year and distributed to various
locations on the planet.

In January of 2003, songs were written and recorded then released as a cassette tape to 100 copies via Oisin Productions.
This was entitled, "Sorrow and Hate" which contained one new song, one Intro, a re-recorded version of, "On Frozen Lands"
as well as a rehearsal track. The rest of that year was rather slow for Volkurah, but two other songs were written and
recorded for an intended 7" release. These two songs were recorded on better equipment and had more time spent on
developing them, whereas, "The Pagan Ritual" was largely improvised. Towards the end of 2003, several split releases were
planned and should see a 2004 release.

The lyrics of Volkurah have been focused on the subjects of death, suffering, suicide, depression, hopelessness,
historical topics, as well as Nature. This is still a primary source of interest and inspiration for both Volkurah and
Tйnиbres. The Pagan Ritual’s lyrics mainly focused on a fictional concept of the arrival of Christianity to the British

Though still in it’s early stages, Volkurah will continue to develop and evolve musically and conceptually. The
underlying intention is to create something that is, at the very least, honest, but still remain true to the original
concept, which is based in dark/black metal. While Volkurah is still young, Tйnиbres’ musically roots are based in metal
going back to 1993. These include a variety of bands and sub-genres (i.e.: thrash, death, industrial).

Volkurah is a fictional word with no meaning whatsoever.
Volkurah is comprised of Tйnиbres: Guitars, Drums, Bass, Synth/Keyboard and Vocals.

Interview with the band:

Members of Volkurah

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CD: The Pagan Ritual (2002)
Demo: Sorrow and Hate (2003)
Split: Vinland vs. Finland (2005)

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