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Style: Raw Black Metal
Year of birth: 2000
Country: Romania
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Biography of Band

"Hearing the call of damnation, four rebellious spirits, GardraK, Strigoi, Blestemat and Claudiu Grosan, influenced by unholy music, joined the dark forces to be a part of the underground and formed the band VOKODLOK. After a few live performances, Claudiu decided to leave the battle and then Freak took over the drums. Being complete, the band recorded in the same year the demo "Unchain the Wolf", which contains five tracks of aggressive Black-Death Metal, inspired from the dark side of humanity and representing a hybrid between apocalyptic thoughts and soul tortures. The demo was released on MCD gold by "Beauty of Pain" Productions (Romania) and as a split tape, along with "Bloody Harvest"(Germany) by "Axa Valaha" Prod.(Romania) and "Eclipse of Life Promulgation" Prod.(Germany).

Now it's time for a new menace. "Mass Murder Genesis" spreads ideas of crime through the ways of Black Metal, standing in the line of anti-christianity, combining malefic lyrics and the disgust towards the forced religions and the christian puritan values with devilish blast rhythms and raw sounds. Eight tracks of Transylvanian Death-Black Metal present the thing that is inevitable in life, the healing death. which takes different forms: before life itself, during life - ascending to immortality, and the most important thing by murder... showing that evil never dies."

Moreover, some additional notes:
Romanian the word 'vokodlok' means werewolf.
The nicknames of the members mean:
- Blestemat means 'The Cursed'
- Strigoi means 'Ghost'
- GardraK means 'Devil'


Members of Vokodlok

Current Members:
Andrei Pantiru (GardraK). Role: Guitars
Bogdan Pantiru (Blestemat). Role: Bass
Florin Rusu (Strigoi). Role: Vocals
Teodor Alexuta (Freak). Role: Drums


nothing: Split
Lineup: Vokodlok, Bloody Harvest
Comment: Split Tape.
Demo: Unchain The Wolf (2000)
CD: Mass Murder Genesis (2003)

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