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Country: India
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Biography of Band

Briefly known as Frozen Flames in the beginning, Artillery won the IIT-Roorokee National Level Rock Competition, soon after its inception in February 2004. However due to some unavoidable problems and situations, the band had to come to a halt with lots of time to time lineup changes and uncertainities.As a consequence the band was not able to continue performing and recording. Inspite of all this, Luke(vocals) and Rajdeep(lead guitars)(who had started off together with Frozen Flames), kept searching and auditioning for prospective members, until in November 2004, Rajdeep met drummer/music teacher Samrat and Guitarist Raoul Bellgard. They jammed once and quite frankly got along very well. Rajdeep wasted no time in breaking the news to Luke. However they still didn't have a definite bass player, with many bassists getting on and off the deck. The lineup was later completed with Anant on the bass.(The demo was however completed with Rahul Bhaskar on the bass, who is currently jammin' with Oritus).So after a long search they ended up with Anant Rai. A real talented guy who has been playin the guitar since 12yrs old and is real cool with the bass, and o yeah with his looks too. They had since then been concentrating on their long awaited CD Single Demo "Bombs Away", (which has been completed recently). And right about now, the band has got nothing else on mind but shows, shows and a whole lot of shows. Artillery draws their influence from metal greats like Megadeth, Metallica and Iron Maiden. However they also belive in diversity and experimentation with other forms of the genre.i.e. If in case they listen to something contemporary (or maybe ordinary!) and like it or find it interesting, they would go all the way out to experiment and see what new can they they make out of it. As such,Artillery is not just a bunch of serious musicians but also an electrifying bunch of showmen, who swear by, what you call 'Complete Entertainment'.

Members of Artillery

Current Members:
Luke. Role: Vocals
Rajdeep. Role: Guitars
Raol Bellgard. Role: Guitars
Samrat. Role: Drums
Anant Rai. Role: Bass


Single: Bombs Away

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