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Год образования: 1995
Страна: Germany
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Биография группы

In early '95 "Banner Of Wrath" was founded by "Bettina zur Rocklage"(vocals, fiddle) and Markus "Eisvogel" (guitar). They
looked out for musicians to complete their Band. The first one who had been proven was "Bluhm"(bass) who alredy played
with "Animosity". It seemed to be good deal for "Banner Of Wrath" to get "Bluhm", because he asked Manuel
Schьttler(drums), his Animosity-collegue, to equally change the banner. During an all Friday's "Amok"-visit (a scene bar
in Munich), the four recognized "Sakis", who also joined under the banner. This should be the first complete Banner Of
Wrath - line-up.


Because of the very uncomfortable location of the old practice-room in Planegg the band trust the motherly voice of "City
Munich" and moved in a new room in Sendling which was run by the SBZ an organization of city Munich. SBZ had a very mixed
up opinion on how the bands should behave in their rooms. So smoking was prohibited and also the drinking of alcohol (but
just alcohol they have brought by). In addition to this they had big trouble with a couple of
ghetto-kids(ghetto-boy-scouts, hip-hop-listeners or simply skaters) which had their problems with the band and the music
they played.

Downfall Banner

Spring '97 Bettina and Manuel left the band because of private reasons. Costa (Amnesia's drummer) helped them to survive
their first crisis, but it didn't work out. Eisvogel also left the band three months later. This was the temporary end for
Banner Of Wrath.

Project Necrofeel

After Markus left the band, Bluhm(vocals, no bass anymore) and Sakis founded the sideproject Necrofeel with two new
members, Doris(keys) and Patrick(bass). Without a drummer, but with a Stagedomina(Pain) as live-support. Things changed as
Mutz(Somber Serenity) additionally swung his sticks for Necrofeel. As the first concert was close in time he left the band
because of personal reasons, but he conveyed Holgi W. from Internal Decay as substitute for concerts. Holgi played the
first two gigs(DGB-Haus, Rockcaffee Balu). In these times the party met Andy M.(ex Somber Serenity) who already played for
S.o.D.(not to confuse with S.O.D. from USA) and Thomas H.(drums). It seemed to be like in the navy in former times, fill
them up and let them sign.

Rebirth of B.O.W.

In cause of his membership at S.o.D. Andy suffered from severe brain damage and the party rose Banner Of Wrath as band to
get him busy. Now the group ran Banner Of Wrath and Necrofeel parallel, but with two differences. Firstly, the songs had
different contents (Necrofeel S/M and B.O.W. more serious topics). Secondly, Banner Of Wrath had two guitar players.


Both bands ran well and so they decided that now('99) it was the right time for a demo. But the computer-supported
procedure should get nearly impossible (burn in hell Bill Gates!!). For this reason they tried it themselves with a
four-track-recorder in their practice-room. The mastering-session ended in 'delirium tremens'. So they decided never to
publish their demo. All copy's with exception of those which were owned by the members were destroyed.


Spring '00 Sakis and Doris left the band because of personal and musical reasons. This should be the very end for
Necrofeel, but a new beginning for Banner Of Wrath. After long time searching, with Ivan they found a guitar player who
brought new blood and influences into the band.


After a cheerful birthday-dinner from our Fast Chinese and a short drink in the bar across, our sideboard got angry and
thoughts about suicide. It burst in flames and disappeared in clouds of smoke, leaving just a hand full of ashes. Thank
the late hour, nobody get injured.

The next three months we just worked to clean up the mess and renew our rehersal - room. On March ґ01 we started our
practice sessions again in a complete different, but much better atmosphere. Weґve done a good job!!!

Two less

Itґs spring again, exactly March, 2002. Thomas and Patrick left the band after years beeng a part of BoW, because of
their work. So they went on with a drum-machine. On Patricks place Christian, alias Norman (session in ebersberg), now
plays the bass for us. Thereґs no drummer in sight.

June 2002. The former frontman of 'Veritas' completes our new rythm section. BoW want to play their next gigs in autumn.
March 2003 Nail left the Band
January 2004 Sunny (violin) and Andi (Drums) joined the band. In the March 2004 Ivan left the band

Участники группы Banner of Wrath

Текущий состав:
Bluhm. Роль в группе: Vocals, Bass
Andy Meyer-Liebing. Роль в группе: Guitars, Vocals
Sunny. Роль в группе: Violin, Vocals
September. Роль в группе: Drums


Demo: MK1 (2001) Трэклист.

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