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Стиль: Heavy / Thrash / Industrial
Год образования: 1992
Страна: USA
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Биография группы

LUCIFER is THE Pure Satanic Death Rock band from New York. They are the high octane powered metal trio that are sure to unleash utter Terror and the Forces of Darkness forevermore upon the Satanic Earth. Most (if not all) bands on the scene today don't even hold a candle to the almighty LUCIFER, in spite of their marketing, exposure and/or record label representation. By not even mentioning LUCIFER, the media and labels would like to wish them out of existence. If Marylin Manson poses such a threat to society, imagine LUCIFER! LUCIFER wields a force so powerful, so threatening, so overwhelming that they can't be afforded a voice. But Lo and Behold, the tables are now turning...

They formed in 1992 and released their first demo the following year to a groundswell of international media, which helped generate a substantial mail order empire. LUCIFER even started their own TV show on Manhattan Cable Access, where they were viewed religiously every week on "LUCIFER", which was dedicated entirely to the band, its music, terror philosophies, views on Armageddon and yes! (believe it or not)- their humor.

After years of struggle, the mighty and independent LUCIFER victoriously and boldly released their debut CD (full length), sure to smash into oblivion any and all detractors and adversaries of the supposed "dying metal scene", for the grinding infernal power of the songs on this Beastly recording speaks all for itself...

1989-1992/Romantic Origins


Actually, LUCIFER has a romantic history. The band founder David "Nightmare" Powers and backup vocalist Julia Scarlet met at the Music Conservatory of Buenos Aires in Argentina in 1989. They found that they share much in common, fell madly in love and got married. They had the plan of coming back to the United States to form band and become famous. That's exactly what they did.

In 1991, Nightmare's lifelong dabbling with the dark arts and studies of the occult reached a conclusive zenith. He searched and searched for years for "The Book" that would enable him to unfold his full Satanic potential. He eventually stumbled upon that Book-"The Satanic Bible" by Anton Szandor LaVey. "It changed my life around; made me a better person. When I first found it, I felt like I was exploding with joy-like I had won the lottery!" The rest is history.

1992/The conception of LUCIFER


In January, Nightmare put an add out in the Music Paper in New York looking for "ambitious and career minded musicians". In March, Richard "Scorpionman" responded to the add. The chemistry Nightmare and Scorpionman shared was miraculous. Nightmare said that when they jammed together, he felt like he was "riding the whirlwinds" and "flying in the air". According to Nightmare, Scorpionman's valiant contribution to the band is "nothing short of heroic. A great drummer, musician and friend."

Wierd omens abounded. As it turns out, Scorpionman was born in Argentina, which was also Scarlet's and Nightmare's family's birthplace. Incidentially, Nightmare was born here in the United States at Morristown, New Jersey. Also the mysterious apparition of the black cat "TIME", and many, many other strange coincidences and peculiar phenomena.


Around August, bassist David "Vampire" DiBlasio made his sinister appearance. Nightmare, Scarlet and Scorpionman unanimously decided to retain him, due to his high level of ambition, refined musical taste and inordinately "quick ear". Also, his grotesque and uncanny stage presence added a certain mystique to the already compelling and powerful aura of the band. By around Halloween, all the members of LUCIFER mastered the songs Nightmare had previously written and prepared for the band and were belting 'em out live with the utmost power, bloodthirsty fervor, burning passion and total precision. LUCIFER was ecstatic with joy, knowing that the magical circle was finally complete...

Powers consecrated his new band by appropriately and fatefully naming it "LUCIFER". Here is the story behind that, in his own words...

"We couldn't think of a name and then I thought of how Iron Maiden had a song called "Iron Maiden" off of the their debut album "Iron Maiden". Black Sabbath did the same thing also, and a couple of other bands I think. A 'clever Heavy Metal sleight of hand', I thought. Then I figured, 'hmmm, what if we do the same thing?' Surely, it made perfect 'Heavy Metal sense'. We had the song "It's Lucifer!" already (which I guess was intended to announce the arrival of The Great Beast 666"), and we can entitle our debut cd "Lucifer". It made so much sense and we couldn't resist the temptation. There was no plan about it either. It kinda like 'just happened'. Curiously, it was all rather creative and spontaneous yet so well thought out and structured, almost as if someone had premeditated the whole thing and planned it out. Nobody had, really. It seemed obvious that 'something from beyond' was intervening. Really wild".

1993/The birth of LUCIFER

This was a rather fateful year for LUCIFER, to say the very least. It was the Year in which LUCIFER recorded their first demo, which was recorded at LOHO studios in the Village, New York City. Incidentially, it was also the Zenith for the Working Year at that time. They recorded the songs "It's Lucifer", "Nightmare" and "Crush The Enemy".

The owner and studio engineer, Victor, was taken by storm. He saw the potential in the relentless, mighty LUCIFER and labored tirelessly for days and nights on end, sometimes skipping sleep altogether. Scorpionman was sweating profusely behind his Pearl drum kit. Besides playing his bass, Vampire anxiously and nervously helped with all the preparations ("Dave the Slave" was HIS nickname from there on in!). Scarlet, smiling with wrathful contempt, was seething with joy and swelling with pride, knowing well that the twilight hour loomed near, as her fateful destiny slowly unravelled before her very eyes. During mixing, Nightmare paced back and forth like a crazed and lunatic madman, as a father at the hospital does when his wife gives birth to his child: "is it finished? is it finished?", Nightmare fiendishly exclaimed.

Blasphemy of blasphemies, LUCIFER was born and the demo was finished on Christmas 1993, on that cold, dreaded, horror filled night, before the haunting light of a wicked Full Moon...

1994-1995/LUCIFER walks the first steps...

1994 was the year in which LUCIFER did more rehearsing and composing than anything else. Members were astounded at the musical possibilities. Nightmare wrote goodies such as "On Your Mark", "Living In Pain In Hell (Slay You) and "Destination Death". Also, a rockability called "You're Evil" with a hard-rock texture and blues form. And other instrumental things (!). Powers remembers: "It was a very, very interesting time for me musically, because I had riffs and things which I had written YEARS back (shit I had written 5 or 6 years before); unused portions of solos, voicings and segments; so many gems I had conjured up in the past that I felt would be a waste not to use. Little bits and pieces from solo practicing and riff, power chord brainstorms. Honestly? I was pretty worried about it for quite some time. 'What am I to do with all these cool little bits and pieces scattered allover the place? I can't let them go to waste! I must find some way to unify it all...' Needless to say, I fit it all into place like a jig-saw puzzle, trying as diligently as possible to "use everything". Everything worthwhile using, anyway. Many things just died, but they didn't really matter, as long as the vital stuff was in place. It all came together quite beautifully."

On September 25, 1994 LUCIFER played their first gig ever at CBGB's (see picture shot there above; left to right: Powers, DiBlasio). What was supposed to be just a smal

l get-together of friends turned out to be just a little more than that! Apparently it leaked somehow and strangers turned up; people who had never even heard of LUCIFER. It was a small, but far from uneventful gig. They didn't know what hit 'em at first so they wouldn't clap at the end of songs (New York audiences are like that anyway. They NEVER clap-at anything!) But toward the end of the show when Julia climbed on stage and LUCIFER jammed "Crush The Enemy", they all stood up: "I KNEW 'Crush' should be toward the end! Play with the prey for a little while and then kill 'em at the end!" Nightmare affirmed... LUCIFER topped it off with "You're Evil" and it was THEN that LUCIFER brought the house down. Scorpionman recalls: "We were all so happy!!! From there on in, WE KNEW; there will be no stopping us: LUCIFER is gonna spread like WILDFIRE!"

Участники группы Lucifer

Текущий состав:
David Powers (Nightmare) (Founder). Роль в группе: Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Julia Powers (Scarlet) (Founder). Роль в группе: Back-vocals


CD: Lucifer Трэклист.

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