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Style: Harsh Grind / Death
Year of birth: 1994
Country: Spain
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Biography of Band

Initially a Noisecore unit Spain’s MACHETAZO would evolve down a path to Goregrind with lter releases. The band debuted a year after their formation with the 1995 demo ’46 Cabezas Aplastados Por Un Yunque Oxidado’ which featured renditions of A.C. and GUT songs. The tape provoked such an impact on the underground scene it would be re released by Ironia Productions.

MACHETAZO’s sophomore effort, the 1998 ‘Realmente Distruto Comiendo Cadaveres’- this time paying homage to CARCASS and EXTREME NOISE TERROR with covers, would also see a re-release- this time on 10" vinyl format issued by Fudgeworthy Records.

In 1999 MACHEZATO not only abandoned all pretences of Noisecore but indeed most of its membership. At one stage the band was down to a solo endeavour of drummer / guitarist / bassist Dopi Dr. Beltan. Adopting a Grind direction MACHEZATO cut a shared 7" single in collusion with Japanese band CORRUPTED. MACHEZATO’s efforts being an original ‘Potro De Tortura’ and a cover of ST. VITUS’s ‘Bitter Truth’.

Eventually former member and bass player Chinin El Mescalinas returned for the debut album ‘Carne De Cementerio’ recorded for the American Razorback concern. In keeping with tradition further covers were included with S.O.B. and ABCESS tracks. Guest vocals were handled by DEFACE man Carlos Cadaver. Vinyl versions of ‘Carne De Cementerio’, issued in 2002 by Throne Records, added an exclusive cover version of BLACK SABBATH's 'Children Of The Grave'. This variant would be restricted to 1000 copies only, of which 300 would be pressed in red vinyl.

Until now MACHEZATO had been employing the temporary services of OBSESION COMPULSIVA band members to flesh out their own act. However, a live drummer was found with ICON man Marcos, second guitarist Rober and Carlos Cadaver committed fulltime too.

2001 saw a further split single with BODIES LAY BROKEN for the Discos Al Pacino label. One of MACHEZATO’s tracks ‘(El Increible) Prpucio Septico’ translating as ‘The Incredible Septic Cock’!
Future split singles were planned with IMPALED and DENAK. The second full length album, 'Trono De Huesos' which included a cover version of MOT?RHEAD's seminal 'Ace Of Spades', arrived in April of 2002 through the Razorback label.

Members of Machetazo

Current Members:
Rober (Founder). Role: Guitar
Carlos (Founder). Role: Bass
Dopi (Founder). Role: Drums / Vocals


Demo: Realmente Disfruto Comiendo Cadaveres (1998) Studio: Machetazo Records. Tracklist.
Split: Rise Above / Machetazo (2000) Studio: Sterilized Decay. Tracklist.
Split: Corrupted / Machetazo (2000) Studio: Frigidity Discos. Tracklist.
CD: Carne de Cementerio (2000) Studio: Razorback Records. Tracklist.
Split: Bodies Lay Broken/ Machetazo (2001) Studio: Discos Al Pacino. Tracklist.
Split: Machetazo / Abscess (2001) Studio: Upground / Ironia. Tracklist.
CD: Trono de huesos (2002) Studio: Razorback Records. Tracklist.
EP: Horror Grind (2004) Studio: Last House On The Right. Tracklist.
Split: General Surgery / Machetazo (2004) Studio: Escorbuto Recordings. Tracklist.

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