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Year of birth: 1986
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Biography of Band

1986 — Sargatanas is born in the beginning of 1986 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, as a consequence of an infernal desire of express and spread a musical message. Miguel O. Drums/Vocals, Jorge M. Bass guitar/Vocals and Lord Sargatanas guitars, they would create one of the most obscure and infernal blasphemy's that have ever stepped the face of the world in those times. After some time for an unexpected motive there was a relocation of the band been renewed in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

1994 — Already in with a new alignment, constituted by Manuel H. (Bass guitar/Vocals), Urantial's Emperor (Drums) and Lord Sargatanas (guitars), this last one as the only original member of the beginning of this bestial horde. In 1995 it’s recorded their only demo at a professional level, called "Sargatanas" recorded in Oigo Studio in this city. After some time Manuel H. Leaves the band being substituted by Anathama's God, by this time the band had already an offer from the label Wild Rag's Records (U.S.A.), to re-edit the demo "Sargatanas" on MCD format, thing that was done at the middle of 1996. At this date there was starting to talk and get to a deal with Nazgul's Eyrie Productions from Germany, to sign a contract for a CD under there division of Conquistador Records of this label, of which would be produced and recorded in that same year in the winter of 1996. This production was affected by problems that were not on the hands of the band and its release had no date release. In 1997 will join in Astaroth (guitar) completing the required alignment for the same need of the band, in what respects in music. In 1998 would pass without any major consequence.

1999 — have meant a year of important changes and achievements of supreme relevance inside the life of Sargatanas. In this same year in the month of March, when "The Enlightenment" is able to emerge to the more depths of Hell, and after many changes, which had Conquistador Records, it was absorbed by Supernal Music from London.

2000 — October 28, Sargatanas unites to the Bestial Hordes of the German Label "Barbarian Wrath" signing a contract without an number of defined productions, and in December 16 of the same year, Sargatanas enters to the studio to record "Knights of the Southern Cross", recorded in Ambar Estudios.

2001 — October, "Knights of the Southern Cross" emerges from the Abyss. This new production has 8 impure tracks & one cover of Sacrifice "Re-Animation", a total of 9 Blasphemies. Urantial's Emperor left the Band for many personal problems, he is replaced by Serpental Conqueror, and Sargatanas is working for a new CD, which will be record in the winter of 2002

2004 — Sargatanas is working on a third CD "Dark Conquerors (The Spilling of Blood)". The Italian Label “Terror from Hell” has edited a LP (vinyl) edition from the album “Knights of The Southern Cross” under license of "Barbarian Wrath". In this same year will be re-edited the MCD “Sargatanas” and “The Enlightenment” in Digi-pack edition, and the MCD will include 3 live videos.

Members of Sargatanas

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