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Style: Brutal Death Metal
Year of birth: 1991
Country: Italy
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Biography of Band

The Grind Anarco Traffic combo during their "career" has played with Napalm Death, Malevolent Creation, Vader, Cannibal Corpse, Vital Remains, Fuzztones, Sinister, Dog Eat Dog, Krabathor, Disgorge, Pandemia, Ryker`s and many more (too much to list). An unbelivable mix of Grind , Brutal and Hardcore. The band has featured too many compilations and one 7" (produced by Kick Promotion). The band has cooperated with the famous italian hip hop band 99 posse, re - sampled the hit song "Ripetutamente" in a grind version. The band has performed at Rock Tv (sat - channel) during the TV show (Database; Salarove, Rock TV Tour).
In 2003 they released multi split with 4 bands: The band has recorded 4 new tracks of hyper blasrting, these brand new songs have "showed" the new drummer of the band Antonio Donadeo. Coming Soon on Nocturnal Music the "eletronic version" of Vision Distortion Perversion: Grind Of New Era

Members of Undertakers

Current Members:
Enrico Giannone. Role: Vocals
Side projects: Ciaff
Stefano Casanica. Role: Guitars
Marco Lo Cascio. Role: Guitars
Manlio Massimetti. Role: Bass
Antonio Donadeo. Role: Drums
Past Members:
Puccio Anatrella (Butch Natrella). Role: Bass
Sandro Laurenzana. Role: Drums


CD: Suffering Within (1996) Tracklist.
Live album: Live In Brutality (1999) Tracklist.
EP: Alive Rumble In Brutality (2000) Tracklist.
Comment: Released as a 7"
CD: Vision Distortion Perversion (2000) Tracklist.
Comment: No solos guitar, no vocals harmonizer, no triggers on this album. Bass played by Antonio Pucciarelli. Grunts on track #15 by Wolfgang Sussenbeck from Darkside. The album contains a multimedial track for pc with a live video of "Dead man walking" and other stuff
Split: Noise In Stereo Vol I - Chaos In Musicae (2003) Tracklist.
Comment: 4 bands split with Undertakers, Fivve Star Luxury, Berlusconi SS, Ze Monsta
CD: REvision Dstortion Xversion (2004)
Comment: A remix album in collaboration with REEKS

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