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Year of birth: 1996
Country: Austria
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Biography of Band

The intention was to found a melodic thrash band, when drummer Tom Kräutner and guitarist Thomas Pippersteiner decided to bring DEMOLITION to life in 1996. Hans Peter Rapp on bass and Peter Musch, serving both vocals and rhythm guitars completed the first line-up.

In 1998 the band recorded their debut-album “ the beginning” which was distributed by the bands own label DN Records through various mailorder companies. About 1000 sold copies showed a first indication of the bands potential by being sold through companies such as The Metal Merchant, Hellion Records or Rising Sun Records.

Following up the band got a lot of great opportunities to open up for a big variety of national and international metal bands such as TESTAMENT, DIO, MANOWAR, SAXON, OVERKILL, ANNIHILATOR, DESTRUCTION, KREATOR, SODOM, DEW-SCENTED, MERCYFUL FATE, NEVERMORE, SOILWORK, DARK FUNERAL, MYSTIC CIRCLE, STIGMATA IV, LEFAY, GILBY CLARK / ERIC SINGER, ELDRITCH, LABYRINTH, EDGUY, SKYCLAD, KNORKATOR, GIRLSCHOOL, ANGRA, BLACKEND, FARMER BOYS, HOLY MOSES, RAWHEAD REXX, DARKSIDE and many more. These gigs helped the band a lot to increase their reputation as a very intense, hard working live band.

As a logical next step, the band tried to improve also on the recording side of things and so in 2000 they chose to record their next album under the veils of a experienced producer. Having signed a deal with Gutter Records – a division of Massacre Records from Germany previously, DEMOLITION in late 2001 hooked up with Producer Milos ”Dodo” Dolezal in his Hacienda Studio situated in southern Czech Republic to record the follow-up “Out Of Noland”. Among others the album featured guest musicians such as Ritchie Krenmaier of STYGMA IV fame.

During the preparations for the songwriting of the third album the band decided to replace shouter Peter Musch. The vacant post behind the microphone was handed over to Wolf of DARKSIDE. This added a lot of power and edge to the new material which was finally recorded in Slovakia, namely the Studio Exponent (Krabathor, Hypnos, Darkside) in summer of 2003. Entitled “Existence”, the new stuff shows a development towards more concise songwriting without denying the bands roots.

More powerful, more melodic and sounding better than ever – this is DEMOLITION 2004 ! They are back and have with Twilight-Music a strong partner to back them up with the release of “Existence”. Don´t miss out this opportunity and lend them your ears, you won´t regret it !!!

Members of Demolition

Current Members:
Thomas Pippersteiner. Role: Guitars
Wolf Suessenbeck. Role: Vocals
Hans-Peter Rapp. Role: Bass
Tom Kraeutner. Role: Drums


CD: the beginning (1998) Studio: DN Records.
CD: Out Of Noland (2001) Studio: Gutter Records - a division of Massacre Records.
CD: Existence (2004) Studio: DN Records/Twilight Vertrieb.

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