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Стиль: Power Metal
Год образования: 2001
Страна: Finland
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Биография группы

Gifted Finnish vocalist Timo KOTIPELTO has enjoyed worldwide fame for numerous years of international success, experienced break-through album releases and has toured relentlessly all over the globe with Power Metal heroes Stratovarius and belongs among the most charismatic performers within the scene. Having wanted to expand his personal creative horizons, KOTIPELTO decided to move on with a solo career, releasing his 2002 debut Waiting For The Dawn via Century Media Records and received acclaim from every supporter of Power/Heavy Metal for his well-balanced outcome combining bombastic, technically intriguing arrangements in his songs with a remarkably straight forward approach, an overwhelming melodic sense and a crystal-clear, pounding vocal delivery. Having performed his live debut in central Europe at 2002’s Wacken Open Air festival, KOTIPELTO received a very warm and motivating reception and response by the Metal community and decided to continue working on ! new material for his sophomore release.

Once again, KOTIPELTO gathered almost the same group of talented musicians that already co-operated with Waiting For The Dawn to record Coldness: Janne Wirman on keyboards (Children Of Bodom / Warmen), Mirka Rantanen on drums (Thunderstone / Tunnelvision / Warmen), fellow Stratovarius member Jari Kainulainen (Bass), guitar wizard Mike Romeo (Symphony X) as well as axeman Juhani Malmberg (Tunnelvision) as well as guest lead guitarist Antti Wirman (Warmen / Craydawn). These outstanding players not only serve as a guarantee for top-notch results on Coldness but also add a very individual vibe and special feel to all of KOTIPELTO’s compositions on the record: From the powerful, bombastic opening track “Seeds Of Sorrow” to the more moody, almost Hard Rock influenced “Reasons” (Title track of the album’s first single, released on March 22nd) to the speeding “Can You Hear The Sound”, the pounding “Snowbound” to the more epic final offering “Here We Are”, this album offers a diverse! and very personal reflection of KOTIPELTO’s enchanting musical and lyrical abilities. Coldness was engineered by Janne Wirman at Beyond Abilities studios and by Tero Kostermaa at High and Loud’s ELK-Studios as well as famous Finnvox studios in Helsinki, Finland, while the latter also served as the household location for the mix (by Mikko Karmila) and mastering (by Mika Jussila).

The atmospherically suitable artwork was designed by Mattias Norden (Lost Horizon, Evergrey, Into Eternity, etc.) and as a special bonus the finished retail version of the album will include enhancements of the first video clip (for the “Reasons”) as well as a “making of” feature for the video and for the recording process of the album. Coldness is sure to hit straight to the heart of every follower of Melodic Metal and will leave those of you who were curious about the future activities of KOTIPELTO after his wildly speculated, recent split from Stratovarius positively impressed with the energy and depth he displays on the album. A departure always incites the beginning of a new chapter – feel invited to be a part of great things to come with Coldness!

Участники группы Kotipelto

Текущий состав:
Timo Kotipelto (Основатель). В группе с: 2001 - . Роль в группе: Vocals
Сторонние проекты: Ayreon, Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Warmen
Бывшие участники:
Michael Romeo. В группе с: 2001 - . Роль в группе: Guitars
Сторонние проекты: Ayreon, Gemini, Michael Romeo, Symphony X, Vitalij Kuprij
Sami Virtanen. Роль в группе: Guitars
Сторонние проекты: Joe Doakes, Mannerheim, Tunnelvision, Warmen
Roland Romeo. Роль в группе: Guitars
Сторонние проекты: Drakkar, ex-Helloween, Locomotive Breath, Masterplan, Mob Rules, Rampage, Roland Grapow
Jari Kainulainen. В группе с: 2001 - . Роль в группе: Bass
Сторонние проекты: Stratovarius, Warmen
Janne Warman. В группе с: 2001 - . Роль в группе: Keyboards
Сторонние проекты: Children Of Bodom, Masterplan, Warmen
Mikko Harkin. Роль в группе: Keyboards
Сторонние проекты: Kenziner, ex-Sonata Arctica, Wingdom
Mirka Rantanen. В группе с: 2001 - . Роль в группе: Drums
Сторонние проекты: Heat, Loud Crowd, Thunderstone, Tunnelvision, Warmen
Antti Wirman. Роль в группе: Guitars
Сторонние проекты: Craydawn, Warmen
Roland Grapow (Гость). Роль в группе: Guitars
Сторонние проекты: Drakkar, Helloween, Locomotive Breath, Masterplan, Mob Rules, Rampage, Roland Grapow
Juhani Malmberg. В группе с: 2003 - . Роль в группе: Guitars
Сторонние проекты: Tunnelvision


Single: The Beginning (2002) Студия: Century Media. Трэклист.
CD: Waiting For The Dawn (2002) Студия: Sonic Pump Studios / Hästholmen. Трэклист.
Состав: Timo Kotipelto - Vocals, Roland Grapow - Guitar, Sami Virtanen - Guitar, Michael Romeo - Guitar, Jari Kainulainen - Bass, Janne Warman - Keyboards, Mikko Harkin - Keyboards, Mirka Rantanen - Drums
Комментарий: All musicians except Timo Kotipelto are just guests on this album.
Single: Reasons (2004) Студия: Century Media. Трэклист.
CD: Coldness (2004) Студия: Century Media. Трэклист.
Состав: Timo Kotipelto - Vocals, Janne Wirman (Children Of Bodom, Warmen) - Keyboards, Jari Kainulainen (Stratovarius) - Bass, Juhani Malmberg (Tunnelvision) � Guitars, Mike Romeo (Symphony X) - Guitars, Mirka Rantanen (Thenderstone, Tunnelvision, Warmen) - Drums
Single: Take Me Away (2004) Студия: Century Media. Трэклист.
Комментарий: There are only 1000 copies printed.
This single is only released in Finland.

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