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Год образования: 1999
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Биография группы

In the winter of 1999, out of the ashes of what had been Excision (1993-1997), Obscenum – “both of foul and evil omen; obscene; indecent” – emerged. James Schreck (guitar/vocals) and Craig Hikade (drums) set forth upon this new path and shortly after, in the spring of 2000, Geoff Hill (guitar/vocals) joined the hellish ensemble.

Song writing commenced in a most unholy manner and the band played a number of shows in the Milwaukee area with bassist “DK-Destroyer”

Obscenum recorded their 1st demo - The Earth Drank Much Blood - in April/May of 2002. The CD was recorded at The Sound Cellar studio (Brookfield, WI). In addition to his guitar and vocals, Jim took on the role of studio bassist as well. Although circulation of this demo was on a relatively small scale, it helped to reinforce and enlarge the trio’s already established local fan base.

The band commenced to write new material and play area venues with no bassist. In winter of 2003, Levi Kontos (vocals) was recruited into the blasphemous ranks.

Obscenum continued writing new material for their upcoming demo. Bloodstained Offerings was recorded in the spring of 2004 also at The Sound Cellar. Upon its completion, due to various complications, Mr. Hill was no longer in the band.

In the late summer of 2004, Andy DesJarlais (guitar) fell into the vacant spot. With the band roster filled out (minus the ever elusive bassist), Obscenum took to the stage with renewed energy and expectations only weeks after the addition of their new guitarist.

The first couple shows with this new lineup received an overwhelming positive response. Several opportunities have presented themselves and are being discussed and debated within the confines of the band.

Currently, Obscenum is between gigs and writing new material for the much anticipated first full-length. Thus far, it appears they’ll be heading into the studio in the early months of 2005.

Участники группы Obscenum

Текущий состав:
Andy DesJarlais. Роль в группе: Guitar
Levi Kontos. Роль в группе: Vocals
Craig Hikade. Роль в группе: Drums
Jim Schreck. Роль в группе: Guitar, Vocals


Demo: The Earth Drank Much Blood (2002)
Demo: Bloodstained Offerings (2004)
limited edition cassette: Bloodstained Offerings (2004) Студия: Necrofaust Records.

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