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Style: War Black
Year of birth: 1988
Country: Brazil
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Biography of Band

1988. Formed as SUPPURATED FETUS. Line-up: Sabbaoth (blasphemes/guitar), Maleficarum (drums-sins) and Abyssus (bass-doomwish).
1989. Demo "THE REST OF NOTHING" released.
1991. Demo "GENESIS Ch.2 v7" released. Name changed to GOATPENIS.
1992. Demo "HTAED NO TABBAS" released. Abyssus & Maleficarum out. Protektor (ex-World in Flames) & Hcelemarda join. Protektor out, replaced by Osculum Infame.
1993. Demo-reh "BLESSED BY WAR" released. Line-up: Sabbaoth (vomits/guitar), Hcelermarda (basstorm) and Osculum Infame (wardrums).
1994. Demo "jesus COWARD" released.
1995. Osculum Infame out. Hcelemarda go to Military service. The band stop for a while.
1996. Band returned to activities. Line-up: Sabbaoth (vocals/guitar), Hcelemarda (bass), Protektor (drums) and Scharf (guitar).
1997. Band split up during the debut album recordings.
1999. Band returned to activities. Schutz join. Line-up: Sabbaoth (guitar), Schutz (vocals), Hcelemarda (bass) and Protektor (drums).
2000-2001. Hcelemarda out. No activies due the work and studies of all members.
2002. Band returned to activities. "TROTZ VERBOT, NICHT TOT" CD released, featuring demos '93-'94. Oenn join.
2003. Actual line-up: Sabbaoth (guitar), Protektor (drums), Schutz (vocals) and Oenn (bass). Sign a deal with Death to Mankind Rec. Band working in a debut album.

Members of Goatpenis

Current Members:
Sabbaoth (Founder). Role: guitar
Side projects: Suppurated Fetus
Oenn. In Band at: 2002 - . Role: bass
Protektor. In Band at: 1996 - . Role: drums
Schutz. In Band at: 1999 - . Role: vocals
Past Members:
Maleficarum. Period: 1988 - 1992. Role: drums
Abyssus. Period: 1988 - 1992. Role: bass
Hcelemarda. Period: 1992 - 2001. Role: bass
Jaime. Role: drums
Side projects: Suppurated fetus
Milton. Role: bass
Side projects: Suppurated fetus
Scharf. Period: 1996 - 1997. Role: guitar
Osculum Infame. Period: 1992 - 1995. Role: drums


Demo: The Rest Of Nothing (demo as Suppurated Fetus) (1988)
Demo: Genesis Ch.2, v7 (1991)
Demo: Hated no tabbas (1992)
Demo: Blessed by war (1993)
Demo: Jesus coward (1994)
Compilation: World In Flames (2001)
Compilation: Trotz verbot, nicht tot (2002)

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