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Стиль: Bastard Metal
Год образования: 2003
Страна: Australia
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Биография группы

Formed in early 2003, Aeturnus Dominion set about delivering a unique style of extreme music by utilizing all genres of metal within their original onslaughts. Four of the five members have been performing together in one band or another since 1995. A demo E.P was recorded using programmed drums, bass and keyboards. Titled 'Terrorize', it contained 7 tracks of which, some would later find their way onto the bands debut release.

A second guitarist was added in late 2003, which added depth to the sound as well as more songwriting skills. With a definite line up, the band set about recording their debut release, Semper Tyranis, which contains 9 songs. Aeturnus Dominion are still looking for a label to release it globally.

Live performances have been far and few between mainly due to the fact not many venues cater to the heavier side of music, which often sees many a promising metal band with nowhere to perform. Aeturnus Dominion are currently in the process of recording their second full length CD and are spending extra time to make sure everything is right this recording. Several new songs are to be included as well as a couple of 'live' favorites that have yet to be recorded.

Aeturnus Dominion cover such topics as: suicide, global annihilation, war, death, murderers, solitude, suppression, child abuse, psychosis & mental illness and many other negative things that life throws our way.

Участники группы Aeturnus Dominion

Текущий состав:
Ted Foster (Demented) (Founder). Роль в группе: Lead Guitar
Jester. Роль в группе: Lead Vocals
Steve Austin (Ozi). Роль в группе: Drums
Tait Kristen (Spud). Роль в группе: Rhythm Guitar
Dave Wratten (Rat). Роль в группе: Bass Guitar


Demo EP: Terrorize (2003) Студия: None. Трэклист.
Комментарий: Note: This recording was done with programmed drums bass and keyboards and is no longer available for purchase, but can be downloaded.
CD: Semper Tyranis (2004) Студия: None. Трэклист.

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