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Стиль: Funeral Doom
Год образования: 1991
Страна: Finland
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Биография группы

Skepticism was originally formed in 1991. The first year of existence brought a few local gigs and the debut release - a 7" EP. The final line-up was reached in early 1993 and consists of a drummer, guitarist, organist and a singer. No changes in the line-up have taken place since then.

The second release - 'AEOTHER KAEAR' promotional tape was released in late 1993. This release both stylistically set the course for Skepticism for the years to come and brought a recording contract with an US label Red Stream. In the reviews of 'AEOTHE KAEAR' Skepticism was also referred to as "Funeral Doom" for the first time.

The debut album Stormcrowfleet was released in 1995. Three re-recorded songs from 'AEOTHE KAEAR' and three new ones are included. Stormcrowfleet is Skepticism at its purest - slow paced and extremely massive. The album got a mixed response - it was renowned as a classic by some and totally disappreciated by others.

On the following releases - 'ethere' miniCD and 'Lead and Aether' CD Skepticism brought their sound even further. The simple and massive soundscapes of Stormcrowfleet had got a more sophisticated form with more aggression and dynamical changes. Again the response was mixed but this time the scene already knew what to expect.

In 1998 Skepticism released the 'aes' - a half an hour composition. The minimalistic and holistic tendencies that had played a supporting part on the first two albums were now in a major role. 'aes' may sound slightly lighter than it's predecessors but is still as Skepticism as ever.

After the release of 'aes' Skepticism devoted to songwriting and not much was heard of the band for quite some time.

The four-year silence ended in 2002 with the release of 'The Process of Farmakon' miniCD. The MiniCD features two re-arranged and re-recorded songs from the upcoming full length album 'Farmakon.' Like the two first albums 'Farmakon' will feature six songs and - according to the band - "be the most terrifying Skepticism album ever." After some delays 'Farmakon' will be released in the summer of 2003.

In addition to preparing the two new releases Skepticism re-entered the live venues for the first time in 8 years. This was also the first live show with the current line-up. The first gig happened in January 2001 at a club in Turku, Finland. Occasional live shows have happened after that prior to getting on the road for the Funeral Procession 2003 tour.

Участники группы Skepticism

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7'': Towards My End (1991) Студия: Selfreleased. Трэклист.
Demo: Aoethe Kaear (1993) Студия: Sefreleased. Трэклист.
CD: Stormcrowfleet (1995) Студия: Red Stream. Трэклист.
MCD: Ethere (1997) Студия: Red Stream. Трэклист.
CD: Lead and Aether (1997) Студия: Red Stream. Трэклист.
MCD: Aes (1998) Студия: Red Stream. Трэклист.
MCD: The Process Of Farmakon (2002) Студия: Red Stream. Трэклист.
CD: Farmakon (2003) Студия: Red Stream. Трэклист.

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