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Стиль: Atmospheric Metal
Год образования: 1997
Страна: France
Просмотров: 3321

Биография группы

The meeting of Sylvain, a guitarist, and Marc, a bassist, in January 1997 leads to the creation of the project ANTHEMON. The duet works on personal compositions, which are very quickly directed towards a n Atmospheric and Doom metal style. (later described as " Sympho Doom " by the label Holy Records). The dark, powerful and melodious music of ANTHEMON is enriched by a male death metal vocals / lyric female voice duality.

Very quickly, the project wishes to develop as a true band, in order to avoid the frustration of not being able to give concerts. In order to recruit motivated musicians, ANTHEMON decides to record its first demonstration, ' Nocturnal Contemplations', in June 1998, with the assistance of a soprano singer .

The good reviews of the CD, then a distribution by Holy Records make it possible on the one hand to supplement its line-up, and on the other hand to get known among the Parisian underground music.

Because the band underwent so many changes in musicians in one year, the arrival of appropriate musicians: Nicolas on drums, Nathalie on female vocals, and Alexandre on second guitar, finally allow ANTHEMON to stabilize itself. Then starts the composing process of the songs that will feature on « Talvi ».

In May 2000, the sessions of the « Talvi » MCD recording begin (TALVI means "winter" in Finnish). Its music is richer and more mature than in the previous release. The CD is released in November 2000. Good reviews and some concerts allow ANTHEMON to get well known around France.

In 2001, ANTHEMON is composing and preparing the recording of its debut album, « Arcanes ». The sessions are lasting from january to may 2003, shortly after Sebastien has arrived as a permanent keyboard player. « Arcanes » takes its shape and ANTHEMON gets a deal with Thundering Records.

The band has worked a lot on efficience and atmospheres, and trusted Ahti Kortelainen from Tico Tico in Finland for the mix and Mikka Jussila from Finnvox, both in Finland, to give to the album the excellence of the scandinavian sound.

Участники группы Anthemon

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