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Style: Maniacally-Depressed Music
Year of birth: 1996
Country: Russia
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Biography of Band

Psilocybe Larvae was formed in January of 1996 by Vitaly Belobritsky. Our first line-up was: Vitaly Belobritsky - lead guitar, vocal; Oleg Peshkichev - bass; Denis Vinogradov - rhythm guitar; Evgeny Ushakov - drums. In April we recorded demo "Liar" and with this stuff we started to play in different clubs of St. Petersburg and Vyborg. In 1998 we took part in "Russian Alternative Extreme Music" compilation with our song "Death Is Not The End". Because Evgeny has left us before recording, Ilya Piyaev supported us with a drum part. So for a period of time there were big problems with a drummer. After a few months we found a new drummer Evgeny Golubkov and our concert life was continued. In 1999 Evgeny left the band for personal reasons. We searched for a new drummer and got our friend Ilya (Alan) Piyaev (Azeroth, Painful Memories). In summer of 2000 we recorded full-length album called "Stigmata" and released it in demo format. In December "Legacy" magazine called "Stigmata" demo of the month. In 2001 CD "Stigmata" released by Black Side prod.
In a summer of 2001 we got a new guitarist Andrey. In autumn of 2001 Den joined us on keyboards.
Nowaday our line-up is: Vitaly - lead guitars, voices; Oleg - bass; Alan - drums; Andrey - rhythm guitar; Den - keyboards.

In Autumn of 2002 we took part in tribute to Manowar with a song "Blood of the kings" and tribute to Himera with a song "Carma of the world".

In March of 2003 new album called "Agony" was released by Black Side prod.

Members of Psilocybe Larvae

Current Members:
Oleg. Role: Bass
Andrey. Role: Rhytm Guitar
Alan. Role: Drums
Vitaly. Role: Lead Guitars, Voices
Den. Role: Keyboards


Demo: Liar (1996)
MC: Stigmata (2000) Studio: Self Prod..
CD: Stigmata (2001) Studio: Black Side prod..
CD, MC: Agony (2003) Studio: Black Side prod..

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