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Year of birth: 2003
Country: Canada
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Biography of Band

The formation of Burn Out West was a slow and steady process that began in the middle-of-nowhere, in northern B.C. Founding members, Syd Starkes (guitar), Mark Moser (bass) and Max Matthews (drums) had already been jamming together for years in Prince George. It was acquiring front man James McMurtrie that Burn Out West came to life.

The group dominated the northern music scene with enthusiasm and tenacity, which quickly earned them a loyal following. After making their mark up north, the band relocated to Vancouver to finish their upcoming CD ?Heading For Hell At High Speed?, and unleash the wrath of Burn Out West on the Vancouver scene.

Final member, Levi McLaren (rhythm guitar) joined the group in the summer of 2004 and the Burn Out West team was solidified. The band strives for, and achieves, balance between their skillful musical compositions with intense, all-embracing lyrics. Their stage presence is what sets them apart from other groups in the realm of metal music. Burn Out West has the ability to provoke and excite their listeners. During their shows the crowd never fails to reciprocate the bands intensity and energy, making live performances a powerful experience.

Their musical influences include Pantera, Black Sabbath, Metallica, GnR, Led Zeppelin, BLS and Down. The group works hard to utilize inspiration from the music they listen to themselves without sacrificing their own unique style of music.

For Burn Out West it's not just driving the music, it's also about fueling a movement.

Members of Burn Out West

Current Members:
James McMurtrie. Role: Vocals
Syd Starkes. Role: Guitar
Levi McLaren. Role: Rhytm Guitar
Mark Moser. Role: Bass
Max Matthews. Role: Drums


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