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Style: Death Thrash Metal
Year of birth: 1998
Country: Italy
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Biography of Band

Varnas' history started in November 1998 when Simone (the actual singer) and Valerio ( ex-rhythm guitarist) met Alfredo (actual lead and rhythm guitarist) to create a Sepultura cover-band.
In the early formation Alfredo played drums (he is also a good drummer). During this period we spent our time playing some Seps' master pieces like "Arise" and "Dead embryonic cells".

February 1999: Andreas (our actual drummer) become Varnas member and Alfredo took his place as our lead guitarist. At that time we decide to compose our first songs mixing our influences, from the Neoclassic and Melodic Metal to Thrash and death.

November 1999: we made our first concert at "Transilvania Pub" in Rome with a bass player who played with us only two months.

March 2000: Roberto (bass player) and Emanuele (actually the keyboard player of the Official Dream Theather Italian cover band) become Varnas' member for a little time, during this period we finally heard our songs completely arranged...the project begun to take form!

When Roberto and Emanuele left the group Varnas passed a bad period: we had to restart all once again. Fortunately Andrea (keyboardist) entered as a Varnas' member and just two months later also Francesco (our actual bass player) become a member of the group.

Some months later unluckily Valerio left the group, but we decide to go straight on and finally we reach the aim.

From November 2000 to Autumn 2003 Varnas had a stable formation playing Melodic-Symphonic Death Metal with a lot of influences, in particular all Scandinavian scene. In February 2003 Varnas terminated to register their first demo cd which had a lot of good critics.

Autumn 2003: unfortunately Andrea left the band. Varnas decided to direct their music to Thrash Death Metal.

Afterwards Varnas had looking for a second good guitarist as long as in Summer 2004 met Simone Di Pietro ("My Will" guitar player and growl singer) who was interested in Varnas' metal project.
Since July 2004 he is officially a Varnas' member.

Members of Varnas

Current Members:
Simone Gaddeo (Founder). Role: Vocals
Alfredo Teodori. Role: Guitar
Simone Di Pietro. Role: Guitar
Andreas Santori. Role: Drums
Francesco Andrei. Role: Bass


Demo: Lands Of Silence (2003) Studio: Alagi Sound/Varnas Studio. Tracklist.
Demo: Demo (2005) Studio: Alagi Sound. Tracklist.

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