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Style: Heavy / Speed Metal
Year of birth: 1983
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

Mayhem was an American heavy / speed metal band from Portland, Oregon, that formed in 1983. With original singer Nick Damis the band was featured on the "Metal Massacre VI" compilation in 1985 with the track "Tear Down The Walls". He was then replaced by former Wild Dogs vocalist Matt McCourt who appeared on their album in 1988 which was released by the French label Black Dragon Records. Mayhem also got to support some high profile bands like King Diamond and Megadeth. Matt McCourt apparently auditioned to be the new Judas Priest singer in 1993 but did not succeed. He then formed his own Judas Priest cover band called British Steel before reforming Wild Dogs once more.

Members of Mayhem

Current Members:
Eric Olsen. Period: 1985 - 1988. Role: Guitars
Side projects: Poison Idea
Craig Lower. Period: 1985 - 1988. Role: Vocals, Bass
Steve Hanford. Period: 1985 - 1988. Role: Drums
Side projects: Cardinal, Eric Matthews, Poison Idea
Past Members:
Matthew McCourt. In Band at: 1988 - . Role: Vocals
Side projects: British Steel, Dr. Mastermind, Eastside Strangler, Evil Genious, Meathook, The Ravers, The Violators, The Vultures, Wild Dogs
Nick Damis. Period: 1983 - 1985.
Tom Schillereff. In Band at: 1985 - . Role: Guitars


CD: Burned Alive (1988) Tracklist.

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