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Style: Necro Black Death Metal
Year of birth: 1992
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

New Jersey's Engorge originally comprised of Disciples of Mockery, and Nebula 666 members in 1995. Nebula 666 being a trio of Kyle Powell on vocals/drums ala Autopsy, original Fragmentation bass player Urthon and Doug Maxwell (NJ'S Suffer) on guitar. The origins of the band, lay in vocalist Kyle Powell's early nineties act Fragmentation, an exreme metal act founded whilst Powell was serving in the USAF, at March Air Force Base in southern California. Beginning life in Fragmentation, a trio of Aluukard, on vocals, Urthon on bass, and Fej on both guitars and drums, released a 1993 EP 'Prelude to Evil', and a 1994 full length album 'Black Death' through Powell's own label Eviserated Records. The original Engorge band unit was created in 1996, comprised of vocalist Kyle Powell, Craig Pillard, of Incantation, Disciples of Mockery and Womb on guitar, second guitarist Mike Boyce of Disciples of Mockery and Faust, bassist Ronnie Deo of Incantation, Disciples of Mockery and Womb, and ex-Faust drummer Bill Vessey.

The band announced their arrival in low key fashion with a demo session "The Winter of Pathological Hate", restricted to a mere 20 copies. The band went through a complete overhaul during 1996 thru 1999. Powell being joined in his endevor by guitarist Matt Troost, bassist John Tobin, and drummer Douglas Maxwell. The quartet issued the six tracks 'Grave Desecration', before Maxwell decamped, later to join Suffer the following year. Tobin shifted over to occupy the drum stool, Whilst Bart Traylor of New Jersey's Sanginary, took over the bass postion.

After a further demo, "Enchanted by the Battles of Azazel", Engorge issued an extremely rare album,"Within the Realms of Blasphemous Fornification", was pressed in only 100 copies. By this juncture, bass was in the hands of Mitch Coken, a veteran of New York's "Head-Trauma". Yet again within a space of a year, the Engorge lineup shifted with Troost and Tobin losing their postions. The pair would end up in 'Diegrinded Leftovers'. Left alongside Powell was Coken a returning Mike Boyce, Gian Davila (ex-Necrosis of Equador) and guitarist Anthony Prieto of (NYC's) 'Abysmal Malevolence/Apotheosis, cutting the demo cassette 'Blood...Urine...Semen...The Order of Defilement'. Engorge would not enjoy stability for long. Boyce decamped again. Powell, Coken and Davila welcomed aboard guitarists Omar Davila and Josef Magnus. This version of Engorge minus Magnus, released the mini album, "Necroinsemination" in 2001.

By 2002 Engorge had been whittled down to a trio of Powell and the Davila brothers, cutting the album, "Dead...Fuck...Blackness", on Dark Horizon Records.
Lord Typhus Mirinor had been impressed with 'Necroinsemination', promo and signed the band shortly thereafter. Guitarist Mike Boyce (as Demonian) would wind up lead vocalist for a local NJ band and later guitarist for 'Life Deceiver', although Engorge continued to use songs written by Boyce and Powell in 1996.

During 2002,Coken was released from the band due to musical differences and Engorge drafted (Mortician, Head-Trauma, Malignancy) veteran Desmond Tolhurst into
the ranks of new bass player and set about recording a fresh new EP called, "Cold Black Ejaculation" EP and later the "Ravenous Horde of Darkened Gods" CD, for a late 2003/2004 issue,both on Dark Horizon Records. Powell (now known as KEP) also operated as vocalist and drummer programmer for the black metal cult, "Dark
Autumn Hymns" in league with, Cythraal of (ex)-Abazagorath. This side venture issued a demo cassette, "I am the Horned King" limited to just 50 copies in 1996. This demo would be slated for a CD re-issue in November 2002. Powell also has a adjunct to his career being session drummer for NY's Mortician from 98-99 and with "Evoked Damnation", a band venture and alliance with Will Rahmer of Mortician. The duo are writting material in the vein of old Bathory and Hellhammer and plans to release their debut in late 2003.

Omar Davila amicably parted ways with the band in September 2002. Stepping in as substitute would be Dalkiel of the Dark Vinlandic black metal act, Algol. He would join up debuting with the band along side Davila at a record release party on Aug.3, 2002. It would be Davila's last show. Engorge would then engage in laying down the material for the album "Ravenous Horde of Darkened Gods". In October 2002 longtime drummer Gian Davila bowed out, being replaced by ex-"Garden of Shadows" skinsman Brett O'Conner although Davila would remain as session member throughout his absence.

The band is currently occupied by KEP/ vocals, Dakiel/ guitar, Desmond Tolhurst/ bass, Gian Davila/drums and Mitch Coken/ session bass once again. The horde constantly changes to fit it's mood, and the future will be more hellish and uncertain as Evil itself. Stay tuned...

Members of Engorge

Current Members:
K.E.P. Role: Vocals
Ronnie Deo. Role: Guitar
Omar Davila. Role: Guitar, Bass
Jim Roe. Role: Drums


Promo: The Winter of Pathological Hate (1996)
nothing: Grave Descecration (1998)
nothing: Enchanted By The Battles of Azazel (1999)
CD: Within the Realms of Blasphemous Fornification (2000)
nothing: Blood....Urine....Semen (The Order of Defilement) (2001)
Promo: Necroinsemination (2001)
CD: Dead...Fuck...Blackness (2002)
EP: Cold Black Ejaculation (2003)

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