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Style: Horror Metal / Death Thrash Metal / Rock
Year of birth: 1995
Country: Singapore
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Biography of Band

One of Singapore's longest surviving bands from the late 90's in the Singapore music underworld, the roots of Suicide Solution (taking their name from the Ozzy Osbourne classic) go as far back as 1995 when they recorded their first demo in their early teens.The band has since gone on to become a regular attraction in gigs.

After releasing their debut CD "The Dark Adventures" (Spider Records) in 1998 with a more mainstream 80's rock sound, the original lineup disbanded soon after. Founding member Joe Suicide reformed SS with "Evil" Elsa Faith in November 1999, changing the course of the band into a heavier and darker musical direction. $uicide $olution (now spelt with the '$' signs) since then have recieved added attention and renewed interest from the international metal community with the
now female-fronted line-up.

$uicide $olution, consisting of lead guitarist/songwriter Joe Suicide, vocalist/lyricist "Evil" Elsa Faith, drummer Fadz, and co-lead guitarist V.Vinz Vinod play Horror Metal, an agressive and unapologetic blend of Death,Thrash and old school Heavy Metal fury laced with sinful horror imagery, b-movie dialogue and prurient socio-political lyrics, providing a disparaging yet diverse musical platform of pure sonic mayhem.

Their long awaited and highly anticipated new album in 6 years entitled "Halloween Holocaust" is well on it's way to completion and is planned for release by early 2005.

Members of Suicide Solution

Current Members:
Elsa Faith (Evil). In Band at: 1999 - . Role: Vocals
Joe Suicide (Founder). In Band at: 1995 - . Role: Guitar
V.Vinz Vinod. Role: Guitar
Fadz. Role: Drums
Past Members:
Sizzy Weed Ong. Period: 2003 - 2004. Role: Guitar
Sonya Tracy (Founder). Period: 1995 - 1999. Role: Guitar, Vocals
Alex Tan. Period: 1997 - 1999. Role: Bass
Alvin Tan. Period: 1997 - 1999. Role: Drums


CD: The Dark Adventures (1998) Studio: Spider Records.
CD: Halloween Holocaust (2005) Studio: Self-Released.

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