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Style: Nu-Metal / Alternative / Punk
Year of birth: 2001
Country: Switzerland
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Biography of Band

Reto Libido and Dino Marchegiani played together since 1998 in different bands. Libido, at that time, already was a
singer, guitarist and songwriter. Marchegiani, that actually was a guitarplayer, tried playing on baseguitar.
As the former band separated because of the conflicts between the bandmembers, Libido and Marchegiani decided to carry on
together. Marchegiani threw the Bass in a corner and started playing the guitar again.
Then came the next problem: a new practicing room was in need! Because it is usually hard to get one, they had to take
whatever had been offered to them. In the long run, they found a room, which was only the size of a parking space, and had
a rent of a cheap instrument.
Hence they were only two, they couldn’t and did not want to pay such an amount of money any further. So they kept on
searching and coincidently found their actual bandroom in December 2001, that is the opposite of their former room!
Marchegiani got to know their new drummer Schь in the firm he was working. From that moment on, they where a trio and
could start jamming properly again.

What the band needed next, was a name. The first idea was the name “Sidekick”. Inconveniently, the name was already
taken. So the band had to focus and look for a name that didn’t exist yet. And because it is so difficult to find a name
in english ( next to the big number and variety of different bands) the bandmembers took an english dictionary and flew
over the pages. It was not easy finding a name hence there are so many names, but it was very important for those guys
that it had a meaning and that it applied to them. After some time, they finally found the name, which is “4Esprit”, that
has nothing in common with the longknown clothing-namebrand. “Esprit” is Latin and stands for “mind and joke”. A “4” has
been added in front of the name making it a “for” (and not “four”).
So now they are called “4Esprit” (“for-Esprit”), which now means: “for mind and joke”. The problem with finding a name
was finally solved, so they could start concentrating on the essential part, the sound!

Marchegiani and Libido each do their own writing, composing and singing of their songs. In that way they have a big
variety of sounds, because the stiles of both songwriters don’t have much in common.
“4Esprit” also stands for original livesound, where there is no place for obsolete coversongs.
After a year the band already had an one-hour program and was ready for its first gig. The opportunity came in December
2002, where they could play in the “Breitschtrдff” in Berne.
The evening whent very well for 4Esprit and they got a real good feedback from a lot of different people. There were more
gigs after that and there are more to come.
Because the band lives their dreams and doesn’t dream away their lives, they will continue playing full power. The band
would be very excited if you’d contact them or visit one of their gigs!

Members of 4Esprit

Current Members:
Phil (The Beast). Role: Bass
Dino Marchegiani. Role: Guitar, Vocals
Reto Libido. Role: Guitar, Vocals
Sch?. Role: Drums


Demo: 4Esprit (2004) Studio: Jaguar. Tracklist.
Lineup: Dino Marchegiani - Guitar, Vocals, Reto Libido - Guitar, Vocals, Sch? - Drums, Phil - Bass

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