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Style: Progressive
Year of birth: 1997
Country: Syria
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Biography of Band

Nu.Clear.Dawn started back in 1997, with 4 members Shant Hagopian (guitar), Aram Kalousdian (drums), Ali Mearrawi
(guitar), Rami Dagger (bass) the band had no singer at the time, later Jack Power (a great old singer) joined the band and
it was the first concert "The Meeting" but with Mounir Dehni on the drums instead Aram, later the band found 2 singers Amr
Rifai and Shadi Kharouf, and a keyboard player Sami Nashed, and Aram re-entered the band once again, and it was their
second show "Afterlive" and the festival at "Le Meridian" in Damascus followed by a small gig (unplugged) at the Cotton
Club celebrating the first anniversary of the band.

Their first metal concert in 1999 was in late February "III" and there was more than 1000 people attending the show that
day. Nu.Clear.Dawn also played on the World Music Day Festival in 1999, later the same year Ali had to leave the band and
travel to KSA looking for work, so the band continued with 5 members and it was another two shows one in the HMEM club and
another Cotton Club gig.

The year 2000 started with an unplugged show "Al-Layali" and then the band decided to record a song of one of its own
compositions, and in Summer 2000 they recorded "To Stand Forever", later Rami the bass player also had to move to Bulgaria
to work and continue his life there, the band tried to play a different style of music after Rami's departure with 2
female singers in the band, but it didn't work because Shadi and Sami left the band because of personal problems.

At the beginning of 2001 the band found the right guy as a bass player Elie Tawil Baly who is in the band till this day,
and Dr. Joseph Baghdo joined in as a great keyboard (piano) player, and the band made a very small tour reality, rocking
out the 2 major cities of Syria, Damascus and Aleppo. The both shows were a great success for the band.

2002, Joseph wanted to leave the band for his personal reasons, and the replacement for him was Sami Rifai who played
with the band in the latest Cotton Club gig, with Betty Kehyeian on vocals as a guest, but Sami also traveled to U.S.A to
continue his study there, and finally it was A.K. who is the keyboard player for Nu.Clear.Dawn for now. After A.K. joined
the band they came up with the idea of recording the very first album of Nu.Clear.Dawn which is entitled "Poem Of A

Members of Nu.Clear.Dawn

Current Members:
Amr Rifai. In Band at: 1997 - . Role: Vocals
Shant Hagopian. In Band at: 1997 - . Role: Guitars
Aram Kalousdian. In Band at: 1997 - . Role: Drums
A.K.. In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Keyboards
Elie Tawil Baly. In Band at: 2001 - . Role: Bass
Past Members:
Ali Mearrawi. Period: 1997 - 1999. Role: Guitars
Rami Dagger. Period: 1997 - 2000. Role: Bass
Jack Power. Period: 1997 - 1997. Role: Vocals
Shadi Kharouf. Period: 1997 - 2000. Role: Vocals
Mounir Dehni. Period: 1997 - 1997. Role: Drums
Sami Nashed. Period: 1997 - 2000. Role: Keyboards
Dr. Joseph Baghdo. Period: 2001 - 2002. Role: Keyboards
Sami Rifai. Period: 2002 - 2002. Role: Keyboards


Single: To Stand Forever (2001) Tracklist.
Comment: This song is recorded in Summer 2000 with x-former Rami Dagger on bass and x-member Shadi Kharuf on vocals , but later re-recorded again with Amr rifai.
CD: Poem of a Knight (2003) Tracklist.
Lineup: Amr Rifai - Vocals, Shant Hagopian - Guitars, Aram Kalousdian - Drums, A.K. - Keyboards, Elie Tawil Baly - Bass

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