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Style: Black Metal / Gothic
Year of birth: 2003
Country: Guadalajara
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Biography of Band

We, the serfs of the beautiful silvery lady, across the black
Gothic metal; we have chosen to the moon and his(her,your) adoration perpetuates,
In the night; as a way of introspection and catharsis.

BEU RIBE is born of the agnostic imagination, mother of offenses and
Giordano's saucinesses (voice) and (low) Jose Cruz, like(as) an embryo to being
Fed and conceived across the penury and the spiritual orgasm.

Once given birth BEU RIBE, on May 7, 2003, and after forming
Group with diverse unstable members in the battery and guitar,
It(He,She) could give beginning to a group more occurred with new members,
Preserving the forming ones of this surrealistic dream.

In July, 2003, Agustin 666 (keyboard) was added, contributing one
New approach to the course of the grupacion, with depressive atmospheres and

For February, 2004, Eduardo Alejandro (guitar) joined, giving one
Course mas wide and experimental across alternative sounds, and to
Sorrow(Despite) of his(her,your) not conventional attachment to the kind(genre) of the black Gothic metal that
The group poseia in this moment, I go for new ways.

Fernando Barba (cello) accompany BEU RIBE, to form a base
Occurred, with sounds armonizantes and a touch of force. And for last
Instance(Authority), Soyuz that for second you see unio to the group this way to give
Final formation and the only and promising sound inside the kind(genre) of

Members of Beu Ribe

Current Members:
Giordano Bruno. Role: Vocals, letters
Jose Cruz. Role: Down(Under)
Agustin 666. Role: Keyboards
Eduardo Alejandro. Role: Guitar
Fernando Barba. Role: Chello
Soyuz. Role: Battery


Demo: Ascendant Moon (2004)

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