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Style: Metalcore / Hardcore
Year of birth: 2000
Country: Finland
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Biography of Band

The whole thing got started when Janne was looking for a name for his future hardcore band. T-H suggested a name for his
band and it was selected, which was Painstream. The band was to feature half of the legendary Synkka Akti members but
no one just showed up to rehearsals. So Janne picked Pekka in guitars and Teppo on drums. Janne used his connections and
we got some training space at A-Panimo. We were extremely lucky because there is some 15 or so band waiting for a training
room. Tommi joined us. Being an experienced member of Reactor he brought in the experience we needed in the beginning.

There's a big break in rehearsals in spring 2001. We all had loads of stuff to do in school because of graduation exams
(the baccalaureate) and it seems like the band is no more. To fuck things up more, T-H has to join the army! Damn that
obligatory military service! Teppo quits on drums and Pekka on guitar being tired of things never happening. Tommi moves
to his other projects - he sure did have them, Reactor and Turun Tauti to mention just a few. Janne grabs the mic and
starts to work on his screams and Juho joins the posse. He has always been a hardcore fanatic and he's been with us around
in hardcore biz a long time. We were still missing guitar and bass players but we managed to get Hege to join us from
Libido Grass Head, a promising action rock band in Turku. Lauri (from Synkkä Akti) tries to be a hardcore bass player
and starts to hang out in rehearsals. BOOOM! Painstream is back with a totally new lineup! And on the late 2001 we also
had two so-called shows at Haritun nuorisotalo.

Lauri doesn't show up in rehearsals and we have to sack him. Markus also got kicked out 'cause lack of interest and our
original drummer Teppo is holding the sticks again! Soffe, Hege's girlfriend, grabs the bass and brings some girlpower
with her to the band. T-H is back from the army but is now producing for the band. He couldn't be in the band anyways
since he was accepted to Helsinki University of Technology and he's moving to Espoo. We've been able to record some songs
composed by Heikki and lyrics by Juho and T-H, thanks to the intensive training at Panimo which moved to Itäharju.
Everything's looking good at the moment and hopefully you'll see Painstream playing at some local club soon...

It's getting more wicked, people come and go. Hege is being fucked in the ass by military, and so is Teppo. We're missing
a guitarist and a drummer. So Janne grabs the axe again and Julius is dragged to the band too. Together with Julius, Janne
has created a lot of new material for the (hopefully) upcoming album. Tracks featured so far: Machinated, Walk proud,
Religion deception, Can't turn back, Eat shit and die, Domination nation and a few others yet untitled.

After Juho announcing that he doesn't have time for the band it was decided that Markus who also seemed not having time
for the band was replaced by Teppo, the fucking heaviest hardcore drummer on Earth! So now the band is down to four people
but we're still rocking it at full speed! We're now looking forward to a new studio session which is gonna be groovier
than ever before. Also some gig plans have been made.

We managed to find a bass player after kicking Sofia out. Things got a little ugly with her and some crucial decisions
had to take place. We repeatedly had arguments over the goals of the band and also over some musical topics. Janne was
lucky to find Raino, whose talents on bass are undisputable. We are now having a busy spring with loads of performances
and rehearsals.

Members of Painstream

Current Members:
Janne. In Band at: 2000 - . Role: Vocals, Guitars
Teppo. In Band at: 2000 - . Role: Drums
Julius. In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Guitars
Raino. In Band at: 2004 - . Role: Bass
Past Members:
Pekka. Period: 2000 - 2001. Role: Guitars
Tommi. Period: 2000 - 2001. Role: Bass
T-H. Period: 2000 - 2001. Role: Scream Vocals
Juho. Period: 2001 - 2003. Role: Scream Vocals
Hege. Period: 2001 - 2002. Role: Guitars
Lauri. Period: 2001 - 2002. Role: Bass
Markus. Period: 2001 - 2003. Role: Drums
Soffe. Period: 2002 - 2004. Role: Bass


MCD: Painstream (2002) Studio: Itaharju. Tracklist.
Lineup: Janne - guitars, scream vocals, Juho - vocals, Julius - guitars, Markus - drums, Soffe - bass, Aapo - saxophone
MCD: Turku Hardcore (2003) Studio: Auran Panimo. Tracklist.
Lineup: Janne - lungs, scream vocals, Julius - guitars, Teppo - drums, Soffe - bass
Comment: Third official demo.It features a new version of Domination Nation.
MCD: A bas les tyrans! (2004) Studio: Keuruun ekokylan sikala. Tracklist.
Lineup: Janne - vocals, Julius - guitars, Teppo - drums, Raino - bass, hammond organ

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