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Style: Alternative Rock
Year of birth: 2003
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

Chicken For Chico, known by their fans as CFC, has a hard alternative rock sound with influences of punk, Latin, pop and
ska. The reasons behind the many influences stems from the unique backgrounds and experiences of the band members
themselves. With dark, melodic female vocals and the strong sound of an experienced rock band, the music tends to touch
people of all ages, from old to young. CFC?s sound along with a sweet smile is able to touch a wide variety of audiences
including mainstream.

Chicken For Chico has been on the scene since October of 2003, and has gained a strong following from the many shows and
venues they have played in a short period of time. The reaction they have gotten from their music and performances have
been overwhelming. Since the bands conception, CFC has had Radio play and interviews on major radio stations in South
Florida. They also have been contacted by national television shows wanting to use their music for future broadcasts
reaching millions of viewer?s worldwide.

Chicken for Chico consists of 4 main players. Karen Tavui is the vocalist, David Neri is lead guitar, Benny
Neri on drums, and Graven on bass. The band also likes to sometimes add horns and congas to their shows for some add
spice. Together their long-term goal is to get the music scene in South Florida and across the U.S. kicking again, with
everyone, not just a certain age or demographic. Chicken For Chico writes music to appeal to the masses.

Members of Chicken For Chico

Current Members:
Karen Tavui. Role: Vocals
David Neri. Role: Guitars
Benny Neri. Role: Drums
Graven. Role: Bass


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