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Style: Black Metal
Year of birth: 2003
Country: Hungary
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Biography of Band

"In 2001 of September I planned with Tamбs Ekbauer to establish a new-styled black metal band. Our equipment and musical
skill was quite minimal, but our determination defeated this obstacles.

After this the seek out of the other members of the band was started. It was rather difficult because in Nagykanizsa
there are little artists and less black metal fans. There was a punk-rock band where I was playing and one of our friend
was the drummer. We knew he likes this kind of music (black metal), so we didn’t have to beg him to come playing. After
this Zoltбn Pintйr became our drummer. Csaba Czirjбk, one of our another friend too, became the singer, altough he
couldn’t sing yet, but has rather though and steely throat and had also the like of the music and the determination. So we
didn’t have to beg him either. Well, we just needed a basser, but we didn’t find anybody.

We started smashing to entertain us. On the occasion of our debut we went to a secondary school to had the audiance
shocked. The two bands had the same practiceroom, so both of them could work in the same time. A bit later I had enough of
the punk-rock band, because I wished to do something serious. Then the conflicts of the other band’s singer were coming,
and finally I left it. At this time the relation with Zoli was deteriorated. Therefore he left us.

We started to find a drummer again, but we couldn’t find anybody who would have temper, skill and time to play with us.
We were playing without a drummer for a while. Meanwhile our another friend, who also liked our style, decided to learn
playing on bassguitar. It was a good idea, because he advanced fast, and he became our basser. So the band got wider with
another member, Jбnos Molnбr. Unfotunately Tamбs left the band because of different reasons, but our friendship didn’t
brake. Then we had already a guitarer, a singer, a basser, but we couldn’t find still another drummer. With this standing
up we returned again for a stepping up to that secondary school, and showed our improvement. Then we decided to solve our
problems with Zoli. He returned to us but he didn’t leave the other band. After these we succesfully realized our ideas
then better and better numbers were born. In 2003 of February we felt that the band is advanced enough to create the first
demo. Unfotunately we could solve it in home-made. There are five numbers in the demo…

2003 December The Mors Tua Ero EP has been recorded, and sold out all of the 70 pieces.
2004 April Our first gig in Budapest with our friends, called Gomora.
2004 July We have a gig at the main stage of Rockmaraton 2004. We won this possibility at the talent scout of Rockmaraton
2003. We made our first fest in Nagykanizsa with 5 bands.
2004 September We played as support band of Benediction, with Godhate, Nominon, and Malediction in Kaposvбr.
2004 December We flared with a new member, called Mihбly Major, and He is filling the rythm guitarist post in the band.
We made our second fest in Nagykanizsa with 7 bands."

Members of Teurgia

Current Members:
Szil?rd Mosd?si. Role: Guitar
Csaba Czirj?k. Role: Vocals
Zolt?n Pintar. Role: Battery
J?nos Moln?r. Role: Bass
Mih?ly Major. Role: Guitar


Demo: Hanyatl?s (2003)
EP: Mors Tua Ero (2003)

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