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Стиль: Black Metal
Год образования: 1997
Страна: USA
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Биография группы

Although only recently realized, the music and vision of PYRE was first conceived in the spring of 1997 by Raum
(guitar/vocals). His goal was to create varied and interesting, yet dark guitar-based black metal. Raum soon began
collaborating with long-time friend Atridiel (guitar), composing the first PYRE songs. Despite not having members to fill
drummer/bass positions, the pair honed the new songs to perfection. Atridiel departed for Germany in summer 1998, leaving
Raum to continue alone.
Fortunately, setback met with progress when drummer Megiddo joined the fray at the end of the year. Megiddo not only
added a powerful new dimension with his hard-hitting death metal playing style, but also helped with song arrangement and
ideas. Raum and Megiddo rehearsed whenever possible during 1999, with the goal of finding a bass player and entering the
studio. Carnivean joined on bass guitar in the winter of 1999, solidifying the line-up.
After 3 years of setbacks and difficulty, the trio entered Black Thaumaturge Studio in April 2000 and recorded the 4-song
demo, `Luciferian Dark Age`. The demo met with with much worldwide acclaim, earning praise for it's ancient sound and
tenebrous fire. In 2001, "Luciferian Dark Age" was re- issued on vinyl as a split with Satanic German warriors, Darkened
Nocturn Slaughtercult. Released by Italy's Black Blood Productions in a limited pressing of 666 copies, the LP is now
ravaging the world with the combined savagery of these two Black Metal divisions.
Songwriting continued, despite Carnivean's subsequent disappearance from the band. Lecher later joined on session bass,
and the trio recorded their latest release in April 2002, tenatively titled, "Behold A Pale Horse". This release will
include 9 songs, and will see the dark of day via Black Blood Productions. The new material has all the tempos and moods
PYRE is known for, from cataclysmic black speed to desperate moments of epic miserableness. Look for the world-ending
release of "Behold A Pale Horse" in the summer of 2004...

Участники группы Pyre

Текущий состав:
Raum. Роль в группе: Vocals
Lecher (Guest). Роль в группе: Bass
Megiddo. Роль в группе: Scream Vocals


CD: Luciferian Dark Age
Split LP: Split
Состав: Pyre, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

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