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Style: Death Metal
Year of birth: 1989
Country: Brazil
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Biography of Band

The Sanctifier was born December 1989 under the name INTENSE GORE former by Alexandre Emerson (Guitar) and Victor Fábio (drums), latter Marcos Flávio (Bass) and Luiz Cláudio (Vocal) joint the band and created the soul of a respected band in brazilian death metal scene.
With this Line-Up in 1991 the band recorded your 1st rehearsal work "Into the eternal perversity" (K7 1991), after this DT the band looks for a second guitarrist, and a friend Julio Resende (Guitar) came few weeks latter. After some local gigs the band recorded your 2nd Rehearsal tape "Pact with the evil" (K7 1992) and after this record, Júlio quit the group and was replaced by Kleberson Porpino (ex-Insane Death) and was with this Line-Up that Sanctifier got a good status sharing the stage with great brazilian bands as: Headhunter DC, Medicine Death, Decomposed God, Krueger, Dorsal Atlantica....and many others, the brutal death metal and strong technique hard influenced by Acheron, Suffocation and Morbid Angel raise Sanctifier to another level of Death Metal. In Summer of 1993 the band gave life of your new creation "Ad perpetuam rei memoriam" your first offical Demo Tape with 3 songs: Archon tõn daimõnion, Unholy ancient masters and The cycle of the entity after this release the band changed their name to HELLSPAWN.

The Sanctifier always had a cool friendship with underground bands as: Order from chaos, Misantrope, Rotting Christ, Varatron, Dissection (old 7" EP times), Desultory...etc and Jim Mutilator from Rotting Christ wrote a letter to us planning to release the DT "Ad perpetuam rei memorian" in 7" EP format by Molon Lave label, so.....Hellspawn was really excited about that and send the DAT tape and all the layout to our "brother" the shit was the same "wait for your copies" so...this copies never reach the band...the band was RIPP-OFFED by Jim Mutilator and Molon Lave. The 7" Ep was released and distributed worldwide by wild rags, molon lave and other stores including

After this Ripp-Off in 1994 Luiz Cláudio (Vocalist) quit the band and few weeks latter the band split up backing to life in 1995 with this line up: Alexandre E. (guitar), Marcos Flávio (bass), Mitchell Angelo (Guitar), Wellington Barbosa (drums) and Fábio Brayner (Vocals) after some local promotion and gigs Hellspawn recorded"Hymns of hipocrisy" (K7 1995) with 2 songs Hymns of hipocrisy and cycle of the entity, this DT got tons of good reviews on zines worldwide and in Brazil, but, some internal problems with the new members toke the band to lock up your activities and sleep for a while.

In the year of 2002 cthulhu raise and Sanctifier back to life with the old name recording one song for the brazilian tribute to the Rotting Christ "An evil existence to rotting christ" the songs was Archon/Nom serviam, the band compose new songs and remember the old times recording the "Zi dingir kia kanpa" (CDR 2002) Rehearsal with samples of debut cd Awaked by impurity rites after this, Sanctifier stabilize the line up and recorded Awaked by impurity rites, 10 songs, featuring a cover of masters of black arts Acheron the song is Thou art lord.

Members of Sanctifier

Current Members:
Alexandre Emerson. In Band at: 1989 - . Role: Guitar
Flavio (Diabulus). In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Bass
Fabio Brayner. In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Vocals
Rafael (Wild). In Band at: 2004 - . Role: Drums
Past Members:
Marcos. Period: 1989 - 1993. Role: Bass
Victor. Period: 1989 - 2002. Role: Drums
Claudio (Guest). Period: 1992 - 1992.
L. Claudio. Period: 1992 - 1993. Role: Vocals
Julio. Period: 1992 - 1992. Role: Guitar
Mitchell. Period: 2002 - 2003. Role: Guitar
Kleberson. Role: Guitar
Paulo. Role: Drums


Demo: Into The Eternal Perversity (1992)
Lineup: Alexandre - Guitars, Marcos - Bass, Victor - Bateria, Cláudio Slayer - Guest Musician
Demo: Pact WithThe Evil (1992)
Lineup: Alexandre - Guitar, L. Claudio - Vocals, Julio - Guitar, Marcos - Bass, Victor - Drums
Demo: Ad Perpetuam Rei Memorian (1993)
Lineup: Alexandre - Guitar, Kleberson - Guitar, Marcos - Bass, L. Claudio - Vocal, Victor - Drums
EP: Hellspawn (1993)
Lineup: Alexandre - Guitar, Marcos - Bass, L. Cláudio - Vocals, Victor - Drums, Kleberson - Guitar
CD: The Rebirth Of Ancient Ones (2002)
Comment: Here band has both Sanctifier demos Hymns of Hipocrisy and Ad perpetuam rei memoriam, 1000 copies released.
CD: Live Cthulhu (2002)
Lineup: Alexandre - Guitar, Mitchell - Guitar, Diabulus - Bass, Victor - Drums, Fábio - Vocals
Promo: Zi Dingir Kia Kanpa (2002)
Lineup: Alexandre - Guitar, Mitchell - Guitar, Fábio - Vocals, Diabulus - Bass, Paulo - Bateria
Comment: Promo cdr with some musics from Awaked by impurity rites.
Demo: Sanctifier e Krueger - In mayhen and destruction (2003)
Lineup: Alexandre - Guitar, Mitchell - Guitar, Diabulus - Bass, Victor - Drums, Fábio - Vocals
CD: Tribute to Rottig Christ (2004) Studio: Nom servian/Archon.
CD: Awaked By Impurity Rites (2004) Tracklist.
Lineup: Alexandre - Guitars, Diabulus - Bass, Rafael - Drums, Fábio - Vocals

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