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Style: Melodic Thrash / Death Metal
Year of birth: 2001
Country: Germany
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Biography of Band

Literally “Bitterness” stands for cruelty, toughness and the meaning of the word itself, but although it stands for a
Thrash-Metal Band from southern Germany, which tries to integrate those attributes in their music and lyrics.
“Bitterness” stands for a mixture of German Thrash-Metal, which bands like Kreator and Destruction played in the end of
the eighties and mid-nineties Swedish Death-Metal, like At The Gates, The Everdawn and Unanimated.

„Bitterness“ rised from the ashes of the 1997 founded Thrash-Metal band „Steel Tormentor“, which released two Demo-CD`s
„Fallen Angel“ (1999) and „Storm Of Anger“ (2000).
On both CD`s you could listen to Thrash-Metal in the veins of old Kreator, Destruction and Sodom albums.
Through a contribution on the sampler of one of Germanies biggest Magazines „Legacy“ in August 2000, as well as played
concerts in Germany and Switzerland, the band could already gain some attention in the scene.
As the chapter of „Steel Tormentor“ was closed at the beginning of 2001, because of growing personal differences, the
time was right for „Bitterness“.

The two remaining members of „Steel Tormentor“, Andreas Kiechle (drums) and Frank Urschler (guitar) decided to go on and
make music together.
After rehearsing some musicians, the band found in Sebastian Jehle the perfect fit in on the bass, who already played for
a short time in „Steel Tormentor“, while Frank Urschler took over the vocals.
In that formation, the band recorded in October 2001 their first Demo-CD „...And Death Marches On“ and an old „Steel
Tormentor“-Song (Feel The Flame) for the „Reaper Comes“-Sampler.
Because of the bad sound and studio quality of the first Demo-CD, which didn`t fit the conceptions of the band members at
all, the band entered a professional sound-studio in march 2002 to record their next Demo-CD „Dawn Of Golden Blood“, which
was well received in the national and international press.
With the song „T.H.R.A.S.H.“, the band again delivered a song for the „Reaper Comes II“-Compilation.

Because of the growing live activities, the band was reinforced by a second guitar-player, named Alex Hinterberger, in
november 2002.
With him the band recorded their third CD „Sweet Suicide Solutions“ in march 2003 and hit the road for a one week tour
through Belgium, Germany and Switzerland with Third Moon (A) and Alien Gates (CH).
The CD did get very good reviews in magazines and fanzines and brought the band a deal with the german label G.U.C. for a
7“. The EP was recorded in january 2004, containing four new songs and was released in march 2004.
Already in february 2004, Heavy Horses Records released a Picture-7“ of the Song „Eve Of Destruction“ taken from „Sweet
Suicide Solutions“ on the first side and a liveversion of „Sentenced To Live“ from „Dawn Of Golden Blood“ on the B-Side.
In January 2005 the band hit the road together with “Night In Gales” and “Fear My Thoughts” for a Mini-Tour and supportet
Grave on Gigs of their “Fiendish Regession” European-Tour.
In February 2005 the italian Label Danza Ipnotica released a Split-7” with Witchburner, containing two new “Bitterness”
In the meantime „Bitterness“ have played many concerts at home and abroad, with many local bands, but also with bands
like Tankard, D.R.I., Graveworm, Belphegor, Majesty, Necronomicon, Harmony Dies, Adorned Brood, Soul Demise, Purgatory,
Eminenz, Primordial, Fragments Of Unbecoming, Disillusion etc.

Members of Bitterness

Current Members:
Alex Hinterberger. In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Guitars
Sebastian Jehle (Founder). Role: Bass
Andreas Kiechle (Founder). Role: Drums
Frank Urschler (Founder). Role: Guitars, Vocals


CD: ...And Death Marches On (2001)
CD: Dawn Of Golden Blood (2002)
CD: Sweet Suicide Solutions (2003)
EP: Eve Of Destruction (2004)
EP: Marching Towards Infinity (2004)
Split EP: Withered Sunlight (2005)
Lineup: Bitterness, Witchburner

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