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Style: Metal
Year of birth: 2002
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

Thrashcorps is a trio composed of Dallas Dean, bass and vocals, Allen D.M.G.,guitar and vocals and Jason Deamer, drums.
While each are classically trained musicians, their various musical backgrounds range from punk rock, industrial and
heavy metal-thrash to blues, jazz and classical. Their music has often been described as a war between the very diverse
playing styles. Their unique sound can also be attributed to the fact thatthe only guitars Allen plays are a series of his
original junkyard guitar/cello/lap steel creations. The musical chemistry and talent along with years of experience
performing in bands of many different styles has allowed them to become known not only as great musicians, but extrodiany
show men. Many who have seen the show for the first time cannot help but admit that the raw energy of their compelling
performance along with the creative chemistry is a force to be reckonded with.
For the last 2 years Thrashcorps has been touring thoughout the Western United States performing in many of the most
popular clubs including the Hard Rock Cafe and appearing in many national and local festivals, they have also performed
with various international acts including; David J, (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets) Josh Todd (Buck Cherry) Martin Atkins
(Ministry, PIL, Pigface, nocturne) and Gene Loves Jezebel.
Their recently released album, Thrashcorps 101, is their third release in the last 2 years. Temporarily basing out of
Rome in a effort to branch out further, they are working on putting together a promotional European tour scheduled to
begin in April 2005; concentrating on many of the most popular clubs and festivals for metal and hard rock.

Members of Thrashcorps

Current Members:
Dallas Dean. Role: Bass, Vocals
Allen (D.M.G.). Role: Guitars, Vocals
Jason Deamer. Role: Drums


CD: Thrashcorps (2004) Studio: Barking Pig/Annie Room/Duplimelody.
Comment: Released in 101 copies.

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