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Стиль: Death / Thrash / Black / Progressive Metal
Год образования: 1999
Страна: England
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Биография группы

1999- R.Chadwick and C.Fayers start compiling music for a metal band, which is to be called DEADFALL.

Also the search for a Vocalist,Bassist and Drummer gets underway.

2003- March- J.Wood joins the band as vocalist.

After much conversation and thought, (and a possible legal battle) the band decide to change their name to


April- K.Atherton joins the band as Drummer.

Now as a four piece the band decide to stop looking for a Bassist, and concentrate on rehearsing for gigs.

June- During this month the band played two gigs, first was at the Primrose, Leeds, The second at The Empress,


August- K.Atherton decides it would be best for him to leave the band due to personal reasons.

September- HATEDIVIDE and J.Wood parts ways, due to undisclosed reasons. The search for new Vocalist and

Drummer was underway.

During this month R.Chadwick and C.Fayers decide to take the band in a more extreme direction.

Mid September- L. St. Hilaire steps in to take over the vacant vocalist postion.

Late September- T. St. Hilaire steps in to help the band out for a few weeks, on drumming duties.

October- Finally a bassist was found, in the shape of G.Robinson.

November- T. St. Hilaire steps down from drumming, thus the search for a Drummer started again.

Also new material was being wrote, and a couple of tracks recorded.

December- C.Fayers decides to call it a day and leave the band, due to undisclosed reasons. (petty arguement)

L. St. Hilaire follows soon after, reason still unknown.

Mid December- E.Amphlett joins on guitar.

2004- January- R.Chadwick, G.Robinson and Eddie Amphlett start working on new material.

P.Barker joins as new full time drummer.

The search for a new Vocalist still ongoing.

The Band start working on new material.

April- E.Amphlett leaves the band due to other commitments.

August- After a long and extensive search, the band finally find the right Vocalist, N.Butler.

So finally after four long years, HATEDIVIDE is complete.

Участники группы HateDivide

Текущий состав:
Reuben. Роль в группе: All Guitars
Gray. Роль в группе: Bass
Pete. Роль в группе: Drums
Neil. Роль в группе: Vocals


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