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Style: Power Metal
Year of birth: 1998
Country: Norway
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Biography of Band

In 1998 the two former band mates
Niclas “Nesmoht” Thomsen and Kenneth “Motvind” Hansen from the local Sandefjord band Extrude decided it was time to give
it another try.

Tired of sitting at home with their guitars,
they found a place to rehearse and started to look for a back line. Soon after Nesmoht`s brother Jesper “Jaz” Thomsen was
asked to give it a try on keyboard and in spite of never being in a band or anything similar before he fitted in
immediately, with his passion for movie music directors, he added a majestic touch to the sound. Then after a couple of
rehearsals without a drummer Hjaran “Pukk” Berge who had formerly played with Nesmoht in the party band Jonny Doe came to
listen to the band and just for fun he sat down to play along and What do you know? He still plays along after almost four
years. Now the only thing missing was a bass player, and after trying out a few another friend Kjetil Berge came in with
his five stringed and Arch Nemesis was a fact. For a little while a female vocalist Siri V. Numme was added to the
line-up, but it was soon discovered the most of the songs did not fit her vocal-style and the band went back to being a
five-piece again.

During this time the band continued to make music and also did a couple of live performances (with great response I might
add) but it was hard for a local metal-band to get enough gigs to work on their live show. So they decided that if they
weren’t big enough for the Metal-festivals already around then, what the hell? Let’s make our own, and the ELEMENTS OF
METAL festival saw the light of day in May 2000. The response was huge and when it was time to do it again (it was moved
to late summer) they had no trouble finding bands to fill the bill.

In 2000 they released their first demo Forever recorded by Morfeus of Limbonic Art, and even though no deal was offered
they got a lot of positive feedback from both fans and labels. Shortly after the release of the demo Kjetil left the band
and was replaced by Andrи “Chain” Trevland, a young bass-player from the local punk-band TheraWada. Then in the fall of
2001 Edgerunner Records heard that Arch Nemesis was going to release a self-financed record and they offered a
distribution-deal that the band accepted. After recording most of the album a new Lead-guitar player Hеvar Wormdahl
was brought in thus allowing Nesmoht to concentrate on his vocal.

Shadows In The Mirror
The record (Shadows In The Mirror) was released in august, and has so far received nothing but good reviews (5/6 Scream
Magazine, 8/10 Metal express, 9/10 The Streets etc.) and one guy even called it “The best Norwegian metal-debut since Arch
released “Another Return” nearly 15 years ago”. The first printing (paid by the band) of 1000 copies was sold out in less
than two months leading to Edgerunner offering the band a great deal for their next two releases and since the band is
very pleased with the way they have been treated by Edgerunner, Arch Nemesis will stick with these guys and grow big

The Future?
Well, one goal is reached, a record has been released and (according to several music-critics) a new and unique style of
metal has been introduced to the world by a couple of guys, just doing what they love to do. But it’s not going to stop
there so watch out for Arch Nemesis in the years to come as the band heads out on the road sometime in 2003
as well as entering the studio to record what will show the world that
Arch Nemesis is here to stay.

Arch Nemesis has also contributed with some songs on two Edgerunner Compilation cd's: OVER THE EDGE (18 bands, release date - June 2002
Music style: T.B.A. ), CUTTING EDGE (15 bands, release date - June 2003 Music style: T.B.A. ).

Members of Arch Nemesis

Current Members:
Niclas Thomsen (Nesmoht). In Band at: 1998 - . Role: Vocals, Guitars
Jesper Thomsen (Jaz). In Band at: 1998 - . Role: Keyboards
Hjaran Berge (Pukk). In Band at: 1998 - . Role: Drums, Backing Vocals
Andr? Trevland (Chain). In Band at: 2001 - . Role: Bass, Backing Vocals
Lars Solbakken. In Band at: 2004 - . Role: Guitars
Espen Carlsen. In Band at: 2004 - . Role: Guitars


Demo: Nemesis (2000) Tracklist.
CD: Shadows In The Mirror (2002) Tracklist.
CD: Of Mind And Fantasy (2004) Tracklist.

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