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Style: Black / Death Metal / Grind
Year of birth: 2004
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

After the demise of Rochester's tech-grind powerhouse Kalibas in August 2003, drummer Kurt Lancaster teamed up with local
unknown guitarist Scott D'Agostino and a giant hulking yeti named Rich Kirk. The latter two had been toiling in the
unknown depths of Rochester's seedy metal underground for a year or two prior- trying to find a kindred soul who could
invigorate the two grind freaks with some inspired blasting. Upon completion of their first "official" practice in October
2003, the three musicians quickly realized they had something....a steaming mass of original metal goodness. Lacking
though, was a second guitarist, until local underground veteran Jody Roberts decided to throw his sausage hammers into the
mix. Upon Jody's entry into the fold, the four musicians began practicing furtively- honing and perfecting their
collective skills into a new and original metallic brew. Borrowing from their past experiences and tastes, an amalgumation
was formed, combining the melody of black metal, the speed and technicality of grind, the power and brutality of death
metal, and the groove of hardcore. With encouraging internet response from their very unproduced four-track demos, the
four set out to solidify a line-up. They called on former Kalibas bandmate Matt Colbert to join the group in the fall of
2004 who added a whole new dimension with his technically-savvy low end. In December of 2004, the now solid five-piece
entered Doug White's Watchmen Studio to record a three song demo. The response so far has been quite over-whelming and the
future looks bright for these five smoked-out black, death assailants.

Members of Skodag

Current Members:
Jody Roberts. Role: Guitars
Side projects: Kill The Client, Kalibas
Scott D`Agostino. Role: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Kurt Lancaster. Role: Drums
Side projects: Kalibas
Rich Kirk. Role: Vocals
Side projects: Paleface
Matt Colbert. Role: Bass
Side projects: Kalibas, Stranglefuck


Demo: Demo 2004 (2004) Studio: Watchman Studios. Tracklist.

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