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Style: Thrash Metal
Year of birth: 1995
Country: Chile
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Biography of Band

Hades inc. is one of the most powerful metal bands in the chilean scene. The band was born in Concepciуn Chile in the
year 1995. Victor Soto formed this band and they started to rehearse in his garage, where they reaherse until this day. At
the time the band was formed by Victor Soto Lead Guitar, Miguel Albornoz Rithm guitar and voice, Marco Sepulveda Bass and
Sergio Vera Drums. With this formation they released "dementia" their first Ep. After a while Sergio Left the band and
Nilson Merello joined in. At the time Nilson was just coming from the U.S where he studied percussion in L.A.. In 1999
Nilson left the band and Alvaro Robles joined in. Alvaro was a great drum player, he played before in many death metal
bands, with a great background. By the year 2000 the final formation of Hades inc. was ready. They started to write new
material and they released the Ep "weapon of massive destruction". In 2003 they recorded their first Lp. This work is
about to be released by mylodonrecords (www.mylodonrecords.com). In the present they are working mixing his new Lp that
will contain 12 songs.

Members of Hades-Inc

Current Members:
Victor Soto. Role: Lead Guitars
Miguel Albornos. Role: Vocals, Guitars
Marco Sepulveda. Role: Bass
Alvaro Robles. Role: Drums


CD: Demencia (1997)
CD: Weapon of Massive Destruction (2002)
Live CD: La Octava Maravilla (2003)

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