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Style: Folk / Medieval / Hard Rock
Year of birth: 2002
Country: Romania
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Biography of Band

In the sumer of the year 2002 , Lucian ( guitar )& Dorel ( drumms & percussion ), two clasic-medieval players , start a
new band called " Vulturul Carpatilor " . Soon , when autumn came,another guitar was included : Teo . He play 7 months in
the band . After that , was taken in the band Sanziana ( guitar & vocals ) . They wrote & played many songs from the
folk,medieval & hard rock areas . Songs like "Apus De Soare", "Barathrum" or "Papusarul" are the perfect music-message of
the band . In the summer of 2004 the band take a break,but we'll be back soon .

Members of Vulturul Carpatilor

Current Members:
Lucian Cazac. In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Lead Accoustic Guitar, Keyboards , Vocals
Side projects: Societatea " Musica "
Dorel Tudor. In Band at: 2002 - . Role: Bongos, Tambourine, Vocals
Side projects: Valcondra, Redemptor Mundi, Dies Irae, Societatea " Musica "
Sanziana. In Band at: 2004 - . Role: Guitar, Tambourine, Vocals
Side projects: Dies Irae
Past Members:
Andrei Teodorescu (Teo). Period: 2002 - 2003. Role: Lead Accoustic Guitar, Vocals
Side projects: Dies Irae


Demo: Apus De Soare (2003)

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