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Style: Metal
Year of birth: 1996
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

Jerkstore spews metal in a tidal wave of face-ripping guitars, colossal rhythms, twisted vocal hooks and cutting edge
song writing that crushes the cranium. It is an aggressive, high-energy sound with grooves and hooks that keep people
coming back for more. Jerkstore is known for it's perseverance, undeniable chemistry, unique sound and outrageous,
energetic live shows. An review states the following about the 08.17.01 release of Jerkstore's Circus Therapy

***** The Midwest's Best Kept Secret...., 09.02.01
This Jerkstore CD should be in everyone's CD player. If you like bands like the Deftones, Tool, Korn, Pantera,
Metallica, etc., their influences are all over the CD, but unlike most bands they have their own groove going on. I
recommend the song "Don't Blame Me," a slow, bluesy tune that turns into total mayhem on your speakers.....5 star
production also....

Jerkstore was formed in the summer of 1996 in Sioux Falls, SD. The band members are James Trumbull/vocals, Eldon
Fisher/guitar, Jerod Hallauer/bass and Jamie Phelps/drums & percussion. All members are seasoned, professional musicians
that have played in various bands dating back to the latter half of the 1980's. Since 1996 Jerkstore has released 3 CD's
and amassed a significant fan base spanning from the Midwest to parts of South America.

Three songs from the first CD, "Jerks Rule," (released 05.08.98) have been aired on national television, the Sci-Fi
Network series "First Wave." "Black", the lead track from the Jerks Rule disc, was the number one download on's
metal charts for six consecutive months from May thru October of 1999. Jerkstore had a total of 40,000 downloads of their
songs on "Circus Therapy" (released 08.17.01) won the 2002 Metal Album of the Year Award from Just Plain Folks
Organization. "Fade" (released 09.19.03) was chosen to be included on the 2004 OASIS Best of Rock & Roots Compilation: An
Essential Music Library for the Rock Programmer, vol. 25.

"Fade" has a distinct sound to it apart from Jerkstore's prior two releases. It was recorded with upgraded gear,
seven-string guitars and a variety of amps. It has been hailed by many as the best Jerkstore album to date. It's tone is a
bit darker and meaner but it also has the great vocal melodies, hooks, diversity and fat rhythms that Jerkstore is famous
for. A recent editorial review has this to say:
"Jerkstore, winners of the Just Plain Folks 2002 metal album of the year award, come back with a heavier, meaner album
of 7-string guitar punishment."

Jerkstore will continue promoting it's music through live shows, radio and the internet. Jerkstore has a base of 50
original songs to draw from and continues to write material for it's fourth release. Their objective is to acquire a
record contract with a reputable label and be successful on a national level, or die trying.
"Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance." Samuel Johnson.

Members of Jerkstore

Current Members:
James Trumbull. In Band at: 1996 - . Role: Vocals
Eldon Fisher. In Band at: 1996 - . Role: Guitars
Jerod Hallauer. In Band at: 1996 - . Role: Bass
Jamie Phelps. In Band at: 1996 - . Role: Drums, Percussion


CD: Jerks Rule (1998) Tracklist.
CD: Circus Therapy (2001) Tracklist.
CD: Fade (2003) Tracklist.

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