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Style: Gothic / Melodic Metal
Year of birth: 2004
Country: England
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Biography of Band

Blood Sundae started to come together towards the beginning of January 2004 through various advertisements; Charlotte and
Emily being the first members to get together shortly followed by the addition of Leanne. Anna completed the initial line
up in March. The latest addition Vanessa recently presented a new dimension within the past month.
2004 presented various gigging opportunities including Joseph's well, Bradford Rio and The Cockpit, to name a few. Last
year saw Blood Sundae perform a total of 13 gigs over a period of approximately five months. These gigs gave the
opportunity to finance their first recording, 'Blood Sundae, The Demo', many copies of which have been sold post

The highlight of 2004 for Blood Sundae was undoubtedly being chosen as one of the 15 winners of bright young things, and
having only being together for a relatively short time they were rather surprised and honoured to be chosen to take part.

Blood Sundae collectively write and arrange their own music and have done from the beginning. Reviews have been positive
and a label as 'Masters of Melancholic Gothic Metal' (The sandman) didn't go amiss.

Blood Sundae have just signed a 3 year production deal with the Dark Angel Project and will be flown out to South Africa
in July to record their debut album.

Members of Blood Sundae

Current Members:
Emily Bandawe. Role: Vocals
Charlotte Bleasdale. Role: Bass, Backing Vocals
Leanne Warren. Role: Guitars
Vanessa Murray. Role: Guitars
Anna Stewart. Role: Drums


Demo: Blood Sundae (2004)
Compilation: Bright Young Thing (2005)
Comment: In conjunction with Leeds City Council.

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