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Style: Heavy Metal
Year of birth: 1984
Country: Australia
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Biography of Band

A timeline for The Mark of Cain (TMOC):

1985 : The year saw TMOC entering into it's first formal lineup with the brothers John and Kim on guitar and bass, Rod
Archer on vocals and Roger Crisp on drums.

1986: John took over the microphone and became TMOC's vocalist. John Rickert became the new drummer. Many songs were also
composed during this year.

1987: TMOC continued to perform, entering into larger venues. They also hit the recording studio producing several demos.

1988: Single release - The Lords of Summer / Can You See Now ? John Rickert left the band, leaving TMOC without a
drummer. Later that year, Campbell Robinson took the role. They were also writing many songs during that year.

1989: Battlesick released through Dominator Records

1990: Saw the subsequent release of Unclaimed Prize. Work commitments for both John and Kim halted touring for that year.

1991: While in Chicago, John and Kim worked with Steve Albini, producing Incoming which was released in 1993. Another new
drummer joined TMOC, Aaron Hewson. Promotion for The Unclaimed Prize went underway when they returned from overseas.

1992-1994: TMOC performed throughout Australia and also supported many well known overseas bands. We also saw the release
of Incoming(1993), Viet Vet(1994) and the re-release of TMOC's first two albums.

1995-1996: The year saw the release of the single First Time/Details and then the incredible album,Ill at Ease, which was
produced by Henry Rollins. Huge success then followed and the band embarked on a national tour. However, the year also saw
the departure of drummer Aaron Hewson. Campbell Robinson, who had worked with the band a few years earlier, rejoined the
band. A single off the album, LMA was then released in early 1996. Gigs at large outdoor festivals were also a highlight
for that year. 1996 also saw the release of a remix album, Rock and Roll which was another huge success. The release
confirmed that TMOC was not afraid to explore new grounds in music.

1997: The year started off with more national dates around Australia. Rock and Roll continued to do very well in many non
mainstream charts as well as receiving generous airplay on radio. TMOC recorded a cover of the X's Degenerate Boy for
David Caeser's movie Idiot Box and as a result, TMOC continued to gain widespread recognition and airplay. A single was
also released from the Rock and Roll CD - Interloper which contained five different tracks. The band also saw the
departure of drummer Campbell Robinson.

1998: TMOC re-released all their albums in November, 1998. The albums were re-mastered and distributed through BMG. A
TMOC box set, "The Complete Recordings 88-98" was also released in parallel with the re-releases.The Mark of Cain has
recruited Stuart Baguley as their 11th drummer in early 1998. The Mark of Cain embarked on a national tour in late 1998.

2000-2001: TMOC began recording their new album with ex-Helmet drummer, John Stanier. Utilising the producing talent of
Phil McKeller and Andy Gill, TMOC released their long awaited album, This is This in early June, 2001. 2 singles from the
album, (R) Retaliate and Familiar Territory were released before the album release.
TMOC embarked on a small tour in April 2001 and along with promoting their new album in July, 2001.

Members of The Mark of Cain

Current Members:
John Scott. Role: Guitars, Vocals
Kim Scott. Role: Bass
John Stanier. Role: Drums


CD: Battlesick (1989) Tracklist.
Comment: Re-released as a double CD with The Unclaimed Prize in 1994.
Re-released in re-mastered form with two extra tracks in 1998.
CD: The Unclaimed Prize (1991) Tracklist.
Comment: Re-released in re-mastered form with four extra tracks in 1998.
CD: Ill at Ease (1995) Tracklist.
Comment: Re-released in re-mastered form with a bonus track in 1998.
CD: Battlesick (USA version) (1996) Tracklist.
Compilation: Rock and Roll (1996) Tracklist.
Comment: Re-released in re-mastered form with extra tracks in 1998. Extra Tracks:
Fire In Her Heart (Albini remix - Steve Albini)
Call In Anger (ready mix - Bi(f)tek)
UCD (Albini remix - Steve Albini)
CD: This is This... (2001) Tracklist.
Comment: Limited Edition Version also released containing a five song live bonus CD EP (recorded in 2001). (trcacks 11-16)
Recorded Live @ Channel [V] Headquarters 18/4/01.

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