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Style: Hardcore / Punk
Year of birth: 1980
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

The close to legendary American punk rock band Bad Religion was formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1980 by teenager
Greg Graffin. They quickly grew to become one of the leading bands in their genre.

Members of Bad Religion

Current Members:
Greg Graffin (Founder). In Band at: 1980 - . Role: Vocals
Brett Gurewitz (Founder). In Band at: 1980 - . Role: Guitars
Greg Hetson. In Band at: 1986 - . Role: Guitars
Brian Baker. In Band at: 1994 - . Role: Guitars
Jay Bentley (Founder). In Band at: 1980 - . Role: Bass
Brooks Wackerman. In Band at: 2001 - . Role: Drums
Past Members:
Paul Dedona. Period: 1983 - 1983. Role: Bass
Tim Gallegos. Period: 1984 - 1984. Role: Bass
Jay Ziskrout (Founder). Period: 1980 - 1981. Role: Drums
Pete Finestone. Period: 1981 - 1991. Role: Drums
Davy Goldman. Period: 1983 - 1984. Role: Drums
Bobby Schayer. Period: 1991 - 2001. Role: Drums


EP: Bad Religion (1981) Studio: Epitaph. Tracklist.
CD: How Could Hell Be Any Worse (1982) Studio: Epitaph. Tracklist.
CD: Into the Unknown (1983) Studio: Epitaph. Tracklist.
EP: Back to the Known (1984) Studio: Epitaph. Tracklist.
CD: Suffer (1987) Studio: Epitaph. Tracklist.
CD: No Control (1989) Studio: Epitaph. Tracklist.
CD: Against the Grain (1991) Studio: Epitaph. Tracklist.
Compilation: Compilation 80-85 (1992) Studio: Epitaph. Tracklist.
Comment: This is a collection of their older stuff before Suffer.
CD: Generator (1992) Studio: Epitaph. Tracklist.
CD: Recipe for Hate (1993) Studio: Epitaph/Epic. Tracklist.
CD: Stranger than Fiction (1994) Studio: Epic. Tracklist.
Compilation: All Ages (1995) Studio: Epitaph. Tracklist.
Comment: This is a collection of the band's years of Epitaph Records between Suffer and Generator.
CD: The Gray Race (1996) Studio: Epic. Tracklist.
CD: No Substance (1998) Studio: Epic. Tracklist.
CD: The New America (2000) Studio: Epic. Tracklist.
CD: The Process of Belief (2002) Studio: Epitaph. Tracklist.
Compilation: Punk Rock Songs (2002) Studio: Epic. Tracklist.
Comment: This is a collection of Epic years between Stranger Than Fiction and The New America.

Track 21 is recorded live with Biohazard.
CD: The Empire Strikes First (2004) Studio: Epitaph. Tracklist.

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