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Style: Black Metal
Year of birth: 1986
Country: Italy
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Members of Mortuary Drape

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Demo: Necromancy (1987)
Demo: Doom Return (1989)
VHS: Darkness Attack (1991)
CD: Into The Drape (1992) Studio: Decapitated.
Demo: Live 1994 (1994)
CD: All The Witches Dance (1994) Studio: Unisound.
VHS: Live At Palace (1995)
CD: Mourn Path (1996) Studio: Shivadarshana.
CD: Secret Sudaria (1996) Studio: Nazgul`s Eerye.
Comment: Released in 2002 on LP.
CD: Into The Drape/Mourn Path (1998) Studio: TOC/White `n` Black.
Comment: Mourn Path remastered version.
Compilation: The Wine of Satan (1998) Studio: Spellbound.
Comment: Compilation of material of 1993-1998, released on LP and CD.
CD: Tolling 13 Knell (2000) Studio: Avantgarde Music.
Comment: Released also on double vinyl with bonus tracks LP on label Iron Pegazus.
CD: Into The Catachthonium (2002)
Comment: Bootleg.
DCD: Necromancy & Doom Return (2003) Studio: Wild Productions.
CD: Buried In Time (2004) Studio: Avantgarde Music.
Comment: Vinyl LP version is released in 2005 on label Wild Productions.

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