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Style: Grinding metal
Year of birth: 1992
Country: Canada
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Biography of Band

Traumatism wasted no time to experience the death/grind evolution and that, from the start with the recording of Truculent mini cd in 1997 and later the infamous masterpiece Grossly Unfair... album in 2002 making them for sure the most brutal and extreme band in the Quebec city area.

Having now performed at many occasions in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario with bands such as: Voivod, Strapping Young Lad, Dying Fetus, Brutal Truth, Crytopsy, Suffocation, Incantation, Kataklysm and many others, the band has obtained the necessary live experience to make of their shows a really intense performance. When the formers singer and bassman left the band, Kevin Bottiau (guitar) and Stephane Lamontagne (drums and back vocals) didn’t give up, they decided to continue the band and composed over twenty new songs, each more intense than the last.

To realize the new Traumatism project the guys needed a singer and bassman, that is when Jo Ampleman (vocals) came in 2004 with his agressive and wide ranged vocals to fill the spot. Mael Laprise(bass) joined the band in winter 2006 to seal the deal. Traumatism recorded five songs in their rehearsal during the summer of 2005 (Guillaume Desmeules recorded the bass track) to find an appropriate label for the band interesting to send Traumatism in studio and it is now available for 5$ only and free for labels and medias so just ask and contact the band for more information.

Members of Traumatism

Current Members:
Joe (Guest). In Band at: 2003 - . Role: singer
Kevin (Founder). In Band at: 1992 - . Role: Guitars
Steph (Founder). In Band at: 1992 - . Role: drummer+back vocals
Mael (Guest). In Band at: 2006 - . Role: bass
Past Members:
Dany (Founder). Period: 1992 - 2004. Role: bass
Pat (Founder). Period: 1992 - 2003. Role: singer


CD: Truculent (1997)
CD: Grossly Unfair (2000) Tracklist.
Promo: promo 2005 (2005)
Lineup: Kev,Joe,Steph,Phil,Guillaume

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