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Style: Nu Metal / Heavy Metal
Year of birth: 2003
Country: Denmark
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Biography of Band

We are a newer band, huh started in 2003.
It all started at a so called “After school” In Denmark (Gylling efterskole)
Where we where some metal guys (Sшren, Mads and Tobias) huh liked to play music, and ofcause liked to make our own music,
so after a while we stared a little band, where we played some of Soerens lyrics.

That year at “Gylling efterskole” We made 3 songs: Cut cut drown in blood, Hate is my best friend and Why. We even where
that lucky, that we got to play for 300 young people, plus that we also got a lot of comments, and ofcause, it was just
positive reactions we got, so it was a good experience for us at that time, cause we wanted it more that ever, after we
had played at, that little youth festival.

Well after the “After school” We had to find a place to practice, so after a while we found school, were we coat practice
and make new songs
But now there (came) a new problem, Soeren did not want to play the guitar more in the band, because he detent think that
he was good enough, to play in the band, so he just wanted to sing and write the lyric.
So then we had to find a new guitarist, huh was good and one that had a little experience, in playing for a lot of
We did find 2 guys (Neil and Ank)
But now there where more problems, because Neil did not have enough time to practice, and Ank was not as good to play, as
he’s mouth was explaining us that he was.

Now we really were in big shit!
After a while, then our drummer did just fall away, so then it were just Soeren and Mads.
There went months before that there happened any think, but then there also happened something that we coat use.

There was a girl, on the “After school” she had a boyfriend called Alen, and we knew that, he also liked metal and we,
also knew that he played the guitar, so we coat ofcause just ask him, and he was very open, so he wanted to jam with us,
and he liked it, and wanted in.
But still, we needed a drummer and one more, guitar player.
Alen knew a guy (Kristoffer) was he’s name, but there was one little thing.
He was at that time also in a other band “14mus” so we were a little bid afraid that he did not have the time for us, but
Soeren had some long talks with him, about the situation, we was in at the moment, but he wanted to here us play, so we
did and he wanted in after the first time that he jammed with us.

So now we where (Soeren, Mads, Alen and Kristoffer)
And we practiced a lot and made lots of songs, but still,
there was something missing in the band (One more guitar player)
After a while we found a guy (Erik) He had played guitar, in 4 years and was very talented, so we made a meeting with
him, so we coat jam and stuff with him, and he just fit in the band, at moment that he stepped in of the door, and he also
wanted in, so it was just perfect.

So…that was a little story about, why the band started, and about some of the hard times,
we have had.

Members of Poisoned Leaves

Current Members:
Soeren (S?ren). Role: All Vocals, Lyrics
Erik. Role: Lead Guitars
Alen. Role: Guitars
Mads. Role: Bass
Kristoffer. Role: Drums


Demo: Poetic anger with a cure (2005) Tracklist.

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