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Style: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Year of birth: 1998
Country: Portugal
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Biography of Band

The band was founded in 1998 by lead guitarist Pedro Barata (Sollus). He invited some friends from school to make part of his dream. Venom filled the bass, Pedro Almeida was breaking the drums, Sollus was shredding the guitar. In a hard search for a singer, they invited João Boryslave (Ducato), a really strange guy from school. Like in every band, the quest for finding compatible musicians was very hard. Years passed, several line-ups, different ways to sound… They even played Death Metal!!

The band found some stability, in a 4 members line-up. Ducato Boryslove, Sollus, Danny Lumberjack on the bass, and drummer Laurentino Santos, playing in music contests and festivals. It’s was time to record a demo, but they decided to release a debut 6 track E.P

During the work in studio recordings, and some live performances, the band decided that there was a need for a colossal drummer, and a 2º guitar player.

Laurentino is replaced by Robert Kudlek (Rob the Rock), a drummer with background on german power metal. In the guitar, an old friend fills the spot- Ricardo Simões (Magnus). After a year of work, Magnus and Danny leave the band due to the lack of time to play.

After some bass and guitar players auditions, Max de Biase (Sollus brother), fills the bass lines, and Magnus returns in maximum strenght and power. Ducato Boryslove is replaced by Tito Wolfgang. And here is Excise!!

Members of Excise

Current Members:
Rob. Role: Drums
Sollus. Role: Guitars
Magnus. Role: Guitars
Max de Biase. Role: Bass
Rob The Rock. Role: Drums
Past Members:
Ducato Boryslove. Role: Vocals
Danny Lumberjack. Role: Bass


EP: Back to the Oldschool (2005)

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