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Style: Ultra Brutal Death / Gore Porno Grind Metal
Year of birth: 2003
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

For much of 2002 into 2003 Anthony Lustmord and DOH were in an experimental brutal gore/death band De Kinderlokkers.
With 2 members in the US, and 2 members in Holland the band would record onto a computer and send it to each member and
mix in their parts. Although the band had poor quality they struck a deal with Skull Fucked Prod. Although they broke up
before they signed. With De Kinderlokkers gone Anthony and DOH had a need to make disgusting and obscene metal. Thus
Womb Raiders was born. The first day the two men used music they had done with another band and mixed in vocals. The
results were GREAT despite the poor production quality. After only a week of being together Womb Raiders was quickly
signed by French Grind label Meat 5000 Records. Womb Raiders enlisted the help of the great Leon Del Muerte of
Impaled/Exhumed fame and Vesuvius guitarist Jay. Leon left the band to tour with Exhumed shortly after he joined however
we did manage to record the mp3 "TORN FROM THE WOMB" which has gotten great reviews from the underground. Womb Raiders is
now recording a split cd and their full length at this time. The quality of the music has evolved from cybergoregrind
into Brutal Rape Grind/Gore Metal in the style of Mortician, Disgorge (Mex), and Vital Remains.

Members of Womb Raiders

Current Members:
Joey. Role: Second Bass
Anthony Lustmord (Founder). Role: Vocals
Doh (Founder). Role: Bass, Backing Vocals
Jason James. Role: Guitars, Drum-Programming
Brent. Role: Drums
Past Members:
Leon Del Muerte. Role: Drums, Bass, Guitars


Demo: Womb Of Doom (2004)
Split: Split CD (2005)
Lineup: Womb Raiders, Chronic Infection
CD: Devirginized At Birth (2005)
Split: Split CD 2 (2005)
Lineup: Womb Raiders, Sergent Slaughter, Necrobound, World Of Lies
Split: Split CD 3 (2005)
Lineup: Womb Raiders, Anal Blast
Split: Split CD 4 (2006)
Lineup: Womb Raiders, Disgorge (Mex)
Comment: Upcoming live split CD.

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