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Style: Black Metal
Year of birth: 1998
Country: Peru
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Biography of Band

Belzec appeared for first time in the winter of 98 under the initiative of EVIL REICH and LORD BARDACH With the
objective of surface expressing ideas and congruent thoughts for a purpose, reaffirm the path of the real worship to the
black metal art.
in first moment called HYMNS, and with the incorporation of LANDRU L. ROFOFHOCALE we decide to take the name of BELZEC
(Symbolism of extermination) then we decided to recruited MARBAS (Nahual) in the battery, With this formation it is
deposited to the first essay 2/11/98 executing three invoking Themes: DESERT OF IMMORTAL HYMNS, MY WAR PATH, THE BLACK
ART OF MY SOUL, and a fourth one called IN THE NAME OF HOLOCAUST and later we included member of session ( bass and
keyboard) por the EP Recording of three themes called WORLD GENOCIDE for MAGISTELLUS INFERNAL PROD.

belzec gave its first battle in the concert SATAN’S SLAUGTHER playing with bands like CADAVER INCUBADOR, NAHUAL, HADEZ,
Receiving very acceptable critics . In later concerts the torment and the glory grant a dark coupling to Belzec in scene,
feeling the cruel atmosphere to give up the damaging invocations, radiating in the public the art of the holocaust done
Black metal. Having up to this moment in the line of battle:
Landru (Invocation of war)
Bardach (Total extermination Lead guitar)
Evil Reich (Bass devastation)
Marbas (Drums of human skin)
Up to the moment Belzec has needed of modifications in its line up in order to establish and to strengthen the path in
the blood of our doctrine, achieving every time major musical professionalism and taking in every presentation a slogan of
antiChristianity, holocaust, war and drainbleed world. Taking as measures necessary to inject into the veins of Belzec new
changes recruited Beleth and Bestial War (Ritual), supports in bass and battery respectively.
Belzec reaffirms an ideological recalcitrant position with clear concepts of a balanced Satanism likewise of medieval and
contemporary thinkers. Musically influenced by DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM, at
the moment Belzec works in what will be its first CD.

Members of Belzec

Current Members:
Beleth. Role: Bass
Bardach. Role: Lead Guitars
Landru. Role: Vocals
Bestial War. Role: Drums


Promo: World Genocide
Comment: Released on CD and cassette.
Split: Split
Lineup: Belzec, Dark Faith
CD: The Art of Holocaust

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